Shocking True Confessions of A Paranormal Playboy

Philip Mucci writes, How I gave birth to my psychedelic horror love child, Professor Dario Bava, via sorcery and immaculate invention Sure, I'd dabbled in black magic before. There wasn't a kid I knew who hadn't played with Ouija boards, or tried to summon demons from the paperback Necronomicon we all hid from our parents. […]

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Spider-Man's First Appearance in Japan Was Hidden in Their Version of Playboy

Matthew Roybal is the Managing editor at Foreign Comic Collector Magazine. He made a discovery the other day, which he was gracious to allow Bleeding Cool to share, regarding the first appearance of Spider-Man in Japanese comic books. He writes, What is this Japanese pornography cover doing in my feed you might ask? Well, let's start […]

Former WWE Superstar Ashley Massaro Dead at 39

Former WWE Superstar Ashley Massaro Has Passed Away at Age 39

Winner of the 2005 World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Diva Search, WWE superstar, actor, and model Ashley Massaro has passed away on May 16th in Long Island, New York at the age of 39 (just 10 days before her 40th birthday). TMZ first reported the news. Trained by Dave "Fit" Finlay, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, and Trish […]

Jared Leto Says He Wasn't Going To Play Hugh Hefner In Ratner's (Now Canceled) Film

Oscar winning actor Jared Leto claims he was never involved in the Brett Ratner directed Hugh Hefner biopic film announced earlier this year. Playboy Entertainment released a statement today that the Hef-centric biographical film would not be moving forward as intended with Ratner after a Los Angeles Times piece featuring first hand accounts from six different […]

Exclusive: 6-Page Bettie Page Comic By Avallone And Linsner To Appear In Playboy

We just learned exclusively that Dynamite and Playboy magazine have collaborated on a six-page exclusive Bettie Page story by David Avallone (Drawing Blood) and Joseph Michael Linsner (Dawn) that will be appearing in the November/December 2017 issue of Playboy. The comic ties into the on-going monthly Bettie Page comics Dynamite is currently producing. Page was […]

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Bill Sienkiewicz Pays Tribute To Hugh Hefner

Following the passing last night of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, legendary artist Bill Sienkiewicz has posted a painting of a young Hef to Twitter. Though most remember Hefner for creating the Playboy Centerfold, he was also a cartoonist himself who featured comics prominently in his magazines. CBR's Brian Cronin has taken a break from writing […]

End Of An Era, Hugh Hefner Has Passed Away At 91

The publishing word is a little more boring tonight as we sadly report the passing of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner at the age of 91. Hef wasn't just the man behind the bunnies, but arguably that's how most will remember him. A representative for Playboy issued a statement to PEOPLE: Hugh M. Hefner, the American icon […]

Cooper Hefner Returns Playboy To Its Bare Essentials

In October of 2015 the word spread quickly that Playboy Magazine was going to eliminate nudity from its pages. It was a rather shocking announcement for as much as the publication was known for its cutting edge cartoons, articles and attitude, the Playmates were always the forefront of the image. One of the most vocal […]

Cartoonist Dean Yeagle Draws His Character Mandy As Spider-Gwen

Legendary cartoonist and up until recently a regular in Playboy Magazine, Dean Yeagle recently did a sketch cover of his character Mandy done up as Spider-Gwen. The folks at Visual Zen Advocate were on hand at this years San Diego Comic Con to film it and poster it on Youtube. Nine years ago I got […]

Playboy Now Does Away With Cartoons…

We'd heard about the changes to Playboy Magazine, the elimination of nudity. This was met with mixed reactions at best. But we now get word that they will be eliminating something else the magazine is well known for… the cartoons. And I don't mean just nudity in the cartoons, I the cartoons all together are […]

Stan Lee Talks About Sex, Death And Ultron To Playboy

LEE: So Playboy wants to know all about my sex life? PLAYBOY: If that's where you would like to begin. Stan Lee has given an interview to porn mag Playboy. And he knows exactly why he's there. LEE: No, they needed me to help the enlisted men avoid disease. They were always getting VD. So […]

"Gayness Is Built Into Batman" – Grant Morrison In Playboy

The last issue of Playboy featured an original Walking Dead short story by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlars. The new issue features an interview with Grant Morrison, talking superheroes This is the kind of thing he says… For me, Superman has the same problems we do, but on a Paul Bunyan scale. If Superman walks […]

Things To Do In Playboy When You're In The Walking Dead

We reported earlier about a Walking Dead strip appearing in the new issue of Playboy, showing the origin of warriot Michonne, speculated to appear at the end of this season's TV series. But it's not just Michonne who is in the strip. So is comic book retailer Chris Brown of Comics & More, Madison Heights, […]