Plague Inc.

China Bans "Plague Inc." Claiming It Has "Illegal Content"

The country of China has apparently decided to ban the game Plague Inc. and has removed it from distribution claiming it has "illegal content". Considering how long the game has been in their market, we don't even need to think twice about calling BS on that decision. It was most likely done because the game […]

"Plague Inc." Crashes From High Player Count Over Coronavirus Outbreak

Ever the sign of the times, millions of players have now been going back to play Plague Inc. after the recent Coronavirus outbreak news. But the flood of players caused a bit of a backlash as the game has crashed due to the number of players. Developer Ndemic Creations released a statement about it as they […]

Plague Inc. Will Now Incorporate Anti-Vaxxers to Spread Viruses

As a bit of a middle finger and a brilliant real-world move, Plague Inc. will now add anti-vaxxers to contribute to strengthening your virus. For months it has been a frequent request to the developers at Ndemic Creations to include anti-vaccination individuals as a source of a carrier within the game, since by logic, they don't go […]