The Future of Disney’s Live-Action Remakes from ‘Mulan’ to ‘Lilo & Stitch’

The Walt Disney corporation is a powerhouse of production when it comes to film. With seemingly limitless resources, they could push anything they want into production. One thing they are doing is reaching into their own pockets to remake their back catalog of animated films as live action, or hyper-realistic animated films. The question of […]

Report: Disney’s Live-Action ‘Pinocchio’ Has Been Cancelled

It would appear that Disney canned their upcoming live-action adaptation of Pinocchio, at least according to cinematographer Seamus McGarvey. McGarvey was on board to be cinematographer for the film, but he revealed during a stop by Discussing Film that Disney nixed the project over the holidays: “I don’t think it’s a secret anymore, but the […]

Guillermo del Toro’s Heartbreaking Connection to ‘Pinocchio’

At some point in the near[ish] future, we’ll be treated to two very different retellings of the classic tale Pinocchio. One, an official ‘live-action’ Disney remake which may feature Tom Hanks as Geppetto, is just in the pre-production phase, ink drying on contracts and such. But the other, which has more of our attention, will be a stop-motion […]

Guillermo del Toro Stop-Motion ‘Pinocchio’ Film Heads to Netflix

Oscar winning filmmaker Guillermo del Toro is making a stop-motion feature film based on the classic tale of Pinocchio, the little wooden boy.  This long gestating project just landed at Netflix, and we’re pretty excited to see how it turns out. In a statement released to announce the Netflix-home of the project, del Toro said: “No art […]

Disney Hires Paddington’s Paul King to Direct the Live-Action Pinocchio

Back in November, the live action remake of Pinocchio lost Sam Mendes as its director. There hasn’t been any movement on the project since then, but according to The Hollywood Reporter Disney has snatched Paul King, who directed the last two Paddington movies. Paddington 2 recently became one of the best reviewed movies on Rotten […]


Sam Mendes Drops Out Of Disney’s Live-Action Pinocchio

If a cartoon exists, it seems there is some sort of live-action remake in the works nowadays — and Disney has lost one of the directors for one of their live-action adaptations. This time the director is Sam Mendes, and according to The Tracking Board, he has dropped out of Pinnochio. There doesn’t appear to […]


Spectre’s Sam Mendes Could Direct Live Action Pinocchio For Disney

Making a live action version of an animated classic is pretty much a guaranteed billion dollars for Disney, so the studio has no plans to stop rebooting their beloved animated catalog until every film, or at least the ones that aren’t too racist in hindsight to gloss over, has been turned into a major live […]

Lauren Looks Back: The First Four Disney Films.

Talking mice, daring princesses, and timeless stories. Walt Disney created a legacy, and left his mark on pop culture world wide. His earliest animated pieces are some of my personal favorites, from Oswald to Sleeping Beauty. His early Alice shorts are fascinating to watch, as he combined live action with animation, a feat that hadn’t […]

NYCC ’15: CJ Draden Talks The Wooden Heart

By Madeline Ricchiuto If you don’t know his name, you probably know his art or have seen him standing on the floor, painting on glass in the middle of The Block here at NYCC. I got the chance to interrupt CJ Draden and and talk a little bit about his graphic novel The Wooden Heart, his […]

Fresh Concept Art For Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio

It was Gris Grimly’s Pinocchio but it’s Guillermo Del Toro’s now, with Mark Gustafson credited as co-director. Del Toro has given a potted history of the pass-the-parcel directorship to EW: Gris has been part of the development of Pinocchio from the start. Originally he approached me to direct it and then I was producing for him to direct […]

Guillermo Del Toro To Co-Direct The Jim Henson Company’s Pinocchio

When we reported on The Jim Henson Company’s stop-motion adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio last May, illustrator Gris Grimly was expected to direct the film, with Guillermo Del Toro producing. It seems that in the intervening year the creative team has been shaken up a bit, as Del Toro is now set to co-direct the […]

Plans For Insidious 2 Take A Virtual Step Forwards

There’s never much of a risk involved when registering a domain name, but you’ll notice that movie studios still only tend to do it with good reason. Consider Sony Pictures, for example. A couple of months back, Fusible caught them registering domain names around the word Skyfall, some of them explicitly mentioning James Bond, and […]

First Look At The Pinocchio Puppet From Gris Grimly And Guillermo Del Toro

Produced by The Jim Henson Company and Guillermo Del Toro, the next movie version of Pinocchio has some serious geek credentials right out of the gate. I also expect that it will make something of a fan hero out of its director, Gris Grimly, building on the love already earnt with his wonderful books. One […]