Philadelphia Eagles

2019 NFL Draft: ABC Airing All Days; Two Nights Original Primetime Coverage

The combination of making the game look prettier, giving fans different ways to watch, the growth of fantasy football, and more states looking to legalize gambling created a “perfect storm” for the National Football League (NFL). Over the past twenty years, the NFL’s growth is nearly unprecedented – and with that growth came a lot […]

Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles Get Their Rings

When the 2016 New England Patriots designed their Super Bowl ring, the put in a record setting 243 diamonds to represent the 24-3 deficit they overcame to win. Today we’re getting a look at the ring designed for the Super Bowl LII winning Philadelphia Eagles. And they put their own significance into the gem count. […]

Philadelphia Eagles

Why Were the Philadelphia Eagles Uninvited to the White House?

The Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl in February and were invited to the White House as a celebration with the President of the United States. This has been a regular event as long as I’ve been watching sports, and it’s the same with the NBA, MLB, and the NHL. But as we’ve seen, this […]

NFL Draft Preview – NFC East

My favorite weekend of the year is coming up, and it’s not because my first day is part of it. The NFL draft kicks off on Thursday night with first round selections, then Friday rounds two and three with four through seven taking place on Saturday. To put it in Comic terms, its like the […]

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles Cut New Cornerback After Sunday Morning Incident

The Philadelphia Eagles have cut newly acquired cornerback Daryl Worley after he was arrested Sunday morning on DUI, disorderly conduct, and weapons charges. On Sunday, April 15th at around 6 a.m., Worley was reportedly found passed out in his car blocking a highway just outside of the team’s practice facilities. He allegedly become combative with […]

Philadelphia Eagles

NFL Post Mortem – 2017 Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles spent the 2016 season figuring out who they were. They had a new head coach in Doug Pederson and a new starting quarterback in their first round draft pick Carson Wentz.  They went all in on the young signal caller from North Dakota State, trading away both experienced quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and […]

Nick Foles

Alright, Alright: Mathew McConaughey Congratulates Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles

A star was born during the Philadelphia Eagles 41-33 victory over the New England Patriots in Superbowl LII earlier this month. Backup quarterback Nick Foles was thrust into the limelight and shined, throwing for 373 years, three touchdowns and even catching one in an amazing trick play that he called for. Foles had been the […]

The EA Sports Super Bowl 52 Prediction Is In: The Winner Is…

One of the most amusing aspects of the modern Super Bowl has to be the EA Sports’ Madden NFL annual game predictions. If you’re unfamiliar, a little background: Using whatever Madden NFL title is most recent, each year the EA team run a game simulation with the two teams going head to head at the […]

How the NFC Playoff Picture Looks with One Week to Go

Week 16, the penultimate chapter in the 2017 NFL regular season, is in the books — and where a few things became more clear, the playoff picture is far from set. While most teams have a good idea if they’re going to keep playing after next Sunday or start their vacations, one team could finish […]

Early NFL Power Rankings – Switching To The NFC East

Now that we’re back into the swing of things, it’s time to take a look at the NFC in our early NFL Power Rankings based on division — I’ve gone through the AFC, so it’s time to make a flip over nad start with the NFC East. I’m taking into account where the teams ended […]

Matt Runger

Former Eagles And 49ers Punter Max Runager Died Of A Blood Clot

An autopsy on Max Runager has revealed that the former NFL punter died last Friday from a blood clot stemming from a recent injury. The injury, a fractured fibula, occurred at the family home back in May according to his father, Geb. Runager hurt himself while trying to get up from a chair using a […]

Dak Prescott

Needs Around The League – NFC East

The NFC East is an odd division in today’s football. There are plenty of NFC teams further East than Dallas, but they keep the division the way it is mainly because of rivalries. Cowboys v Redskins and Cowboys v Giants go a long way back. Last season it was the Cowboys that bounced to the […]