Puppy Bowl XIV: Join Bleeding Cool’s Animal Planet Live-Blog Tonight!

Thanks for joining us for Bleeding Cool‘s live-blog play-by-play of Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl XIV, as Team Fluff and Team Ruff take to the field for four quarters of cuteness for a really great cause: Television’s original adoption extravaganza is back and furrier than ever as the world’s cutest sporting event and will be returning […]

piggy's tale nycc 2017

‘A Piggy’s Tale’ Is One Of The Feel-Good Stories Of NYCC 2017

Adam Wolfe writes from New York Comic Con 2017: Are you looking for a feel-good story about a wonderful dog and his adventures? How about a story that teaches kids how to properly treat, love, and respect their pets and animals? OK, aren’t sold yet? How about a book where the proceeds go directly to […]


Have Your Questions Answered In Webcomic ‘Ask a Cat’

Ask a Cat is a webcomic that updates Sundays by Charles Brubaker, available on GoComics and can be found in print form on Amazon or, if you’re lucky, at your local convention (such as Small Press Expo). It began in June of 2015, and is still going strong. Black and white, with a traditional “Sunday” […]

Marvelous Pet Heroes: Origins

Damon Orrell writes; Since strapping a wash cloth around my favorite plush kitty’s neck, I have been hooked on all things super hero. I remember watching “Batman” (1966 Adam West movie) and re-enacting scenes from the movie by turning my brother’s teddy bear into the villain. I’ll tell you what; Super Kitty could knock the […]

Dogs Get Involved In Avengers Vs X-Men Crossover

The X-Men seem a little outnumbered by their Avenger counterparts in this line of Marvel comics stuff for pets. There are plenty of Avengers, but far too little X-Men apparel for your dog to wrap around itself or get its teeth into, in this line available at Petsmart. Is this a precursor on how it’s […]