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Carmine Di Giandomenico to Join Peter Tomasi on Detective Comics?

Earlier in the year, Bleeding Cool reported that Peter Tomasi may be the new ongoing writer for Detective Comics after he was shoved off Superman as Brian Michael Bendis came on board. Since then I have had further confirmation from other sources. There have been a few delays, as interim writers Bryan Hill, James Robinson, and more […]

peter tomasi Brooklyn Bridge graphic novel

Peter Tomasi is Going to Sell You a Graphic Novel About the Brooklyn Bridge

Peter Tomasi is best known amongst comic book fans right now for his riotous run on Superman and Super Sons in the wake of the DC Rebirth relaunch/reboot, cruelly cut short by Brian Michael Bendis asking if he could write the Superman comic books for a bit. But before Tomasi moves onto his next project for […]

Could Our New, Hopeful Superman Be Sacrificed To Watchmen And The Doomsday Clock?

Here's the DC Press Release; In the most anticipated story of the year, New York Times bestselling writer Geoff Johns confirms Watchmen will make an epic return to the DC Universe this November. As "The Button" crossover comes to a close in FLASH #22 this Wednesday, the four page epilogue affirms the mystery will continue […]

Jorge Jimenez On The Differences Between Superboy And Robin In Super Sons

Artist Jorge Jimenez talked with DC All Access about the new Super Sons series. The book that puts Damien Wayne and John Kent front and center shows just how different the characters are and how different their families are. He also addressed how much of a role Superman and Batman will be playing in the series. […]

The Superman Family Gathers At NYCC'16

By Octavio Karbank DC Comics has been doing a marvelous job with their Superman line. From Action Comics and Superman, to Superwoman and Supergirl, a restored and animated energy flows out of these books. It doesn't matter if you've been a Superman fan for fifty years, or if it's your first time picking up a […]

From The House Of El To The House Of Penance With Peter Tomasi

Bleeding Cool, as we reported, has been told that Pete Tomasi will be the writer of the ongoing Superman bi-weekly at DC Comics from June onwards. He's also writing all the Superman, Action Comics, Batman/Superman and Superman/Wonder Woman titles for the two months before the "Great Refresh" hits the DC line and everything but Action […]

NYCC '15: Talking Batman Without Batman – The Bat-Universe Panel

By Madeline Ricchiuto Peter Tomasi, Khary Rudolph, Tom King, Tim Seeley, James Tynion IV, Amy Chu, Scott Snyder, and Greg Capullo got together to talk Batman on the Empire Stage. Revealed the covers of Batman #45 and #46, which is where the arc really begins to "ramp up" according to Snyder. Batman "hits someone with […]

Dynamic Forces Take A Second Swing At The TV Pitch With Evine Live

Dynamic Forces has announced a second television special hosted by EVINE Live ( After a successful first special in early April, Dynamic Forces will return with a new selection of comic book collectibles, including Avengers, Fantastic Four, Batman, Bob's Burgers, Wolverine, Daredevil, and more. The two-hour event will take place on Thursday, May 7th beginning at 3:00am EST […]

A Comic Show – Endgame, Axis, And Image!

Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes: Hey Fandom! It's another week of New Comics Now, that means more Batmans, Axis, and Image. Scott Snyder's Endgame is the pentacle of his and Capullo's run, really it's all payoff. I'm loving this Joker, and you should too, even if the face-off Death of […]

Two DC Comics Find New Homes

The Light Brigade by Peter Tomasi and Peter Snejberg was published by DC Comics in 2004, collected and then republished in 2009. Reprinting a book allows DC to keep ownership of the comic for a longer period, but now it seems DC have published enough of it, Tomasi and Snejberg have the rights back and […]

The Others As A New DC Comic From John Ostrander?

We ran the news that John Ostrander has a new Aquaman Annual lined up for October. And now we have the rumour. That DC will see how the Annual sells, and if it does well, they are considering a series starring Aquaman team The Others, written by John Ostrander. Apparently The Others was intended to […]

Green Lantern Rumours – The Morning After

Another good industry source gets in touch regarding the Green Lantern comics rumours we ran yesterday, confirming much of what we wrote but giving us new details. We reported the rumour that the four books would be written by Robert Venditti, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Justin Jordan and Keith Giffen. from June. But also that this […]

Green Lantern Exodus – Monday Trending Topics

Green Lantern has big changes in store, it would seem: Geoff Johns leaving the Green Lantern comics makes the news. But he seems to be taking everyone with him. May will see the final issues of Green Lantern-related books from Green Lantern Corps' Peter Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin, New Guardians' Tony Bedard and Red Lanterns' […]

Wednesday Comics Review – Batman And Robin 20 and Knight And Squire 5

The Batman and Robin relationship is meant to be reflected in Knight And Squire. But the Batman and Robin relationship isn't even in Batman And Robin these days, thanks to having a different Batman and a very different Robin. And it's been much more entertaining as a result. But who does the better twisted take […]