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New Year’s Day With Doctor Whooves (UPDATE)

Did you enjoy Christmas Day with Doctor Whooves? Then here’s a treat – an additional New Year’s Day with Dr Whooves as well, courtesy of fan ficcer and Bleeding Cool contributor, Peter G and friends… UPDATE: And now with all the pages.. >

A Doctor Whooves Christmas Special by Peter G

It’s Christmas Day. Which means your annual Doctor Whooves/My Little Pony fancomic from Bleeding Cool’s Peter G. Peter G’s newest Hannah Singer story collection, “Hope Springs Eternal”, is not only available now from Amazon USA, but all three books are also available in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.  Previews of each story available […]

Peter G Takes Doctor Whooves To Dan Con

Peter G writes for Bleeding Cool; Well, here we are at the Orland Park Civic Center in Orland Park, IL, home of the second DanCon comic convention. DanCon was envisioned as a convention for independent comic creators to help them get their stuff out. This year was much bigger than last year. Dan Royer worked […]