Square Enix Announces a Slew of Final Fantasy Console Releases

  Square Enix announced that a slew of titles from it’s immense Final Fantasy series are coming to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and even Steam. The majority of the releases are going to hit the Switch, as announced in tonight’s Nintendo Direct, but the Xbox One and PS4 are also getting some pretty major […]


You Can Now Play Bloodborne on PC Thanks to PlayStation Now

Bloodborne has been added to PlayStation Now, meaning that you can now stream the game onto your PC. When all is said and done with the current generation of consoles, I expect many will still look to Bloodborne as one of the best exclusives of the generation. It’s a fantastic From Software title, and it […]

Let It Die Will Be Getting a PC Port for Late 2018

It appears you’ll be getting a PC port of Let it Die, as the PS4 exclusive title is making its way to Steam sometime later this year. Grasshopper Manufacture and GungHo Online Entertainment America leaked the news to GameSpot, who revealed that the hack ‘n’ slash title will be coming to PC sometime this fall. No […]

Hollow Knight pose

Team Cherry Announces Hollow Knight’s Gods & Glory DLC Release

The developers at Team Cherry made a couple of announcements this week about Hollow Knight‘s last content pack and a new vinyl soundtrack. First, the DLC pack, called “Gods & Glory”, will be released on August 23rd and will officially be the last addition to the game for Nintendo Switch and PC. The content is […]

Creative Assembly

Aliens Is Getting A New AAA Game From Cold Iron Studios

Aliens fans- it looks like we are getting another game to scare the bejeezus out of us. FoxNext tweeted out a link today from Cold Iron Studios looking for talent to “work on Aliens with us in California!” and a link to apply. We’re developing an A L I E N S game at @ColdIronStudios. […]

pubg player unknown's battlegrounds pubg

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Shuts Down Weekend Event Amidst Server Issues

If you were a PC player on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and were having issues getting online for the weekend event called War Mode, you weren’t the only one. PUBG Corp. shut the mode down after a single day after the servers crashed out, all because of the new mode. Surprisingly, this is one of the few times […]

GOG Adds Star Wars Episode I: Racer to PC for Limited Time Download

Those of you who remember Star Wars Episode I: Racer on PC, the N64, and Dreamcast are about to have a really awesome day as GOG has announced they’re bringing back the game for a limited time to download on PC. The entire reason it’s coming back is simply that on Friday we’re going to be […]

The PC Building Simulator has Sold 100,000 Copies

  After a successful tech demo run in itch.io, the PC Building Simulator hit Steam Early Access last month and has sold over 100,000 copies so far according to publisher The Irregular Corporation. While the number may not sound like much compared to the more big-budget games that rake in millions of sales over the course of […]

Omensight will Launch on PC and PS4 Next Month

Spearhead Games have announced the release date for their upcoming murder-mystery paltformer hybrid game Omensight, which will head to PC and PlayStation 4 on May 15th, 2018. Pre-orders will go live on the PlayStation Store tomorrow, and wishlist additions on Steam are already live. The game will retail for $19.99 USD. Omensight requires you to avert an […]

Ys VIII Fans Are Voicing Their Displeasure of the Steam Port

After being delayed a couple times and the company admitting they wanted to make sure they got the port correct, you’d think fans of the Ys series would be happy to finally see Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana finally make it to PC. Turns out, not so much. According to the Steam Store, the game […]

Sea Of Thieves

Rare Reveals Future Content Plans for Sea of Thieves

One of the biggest complaints that we seem to hear on Twitch streams of Sea of Thieves is that the content hits a wall after a certain point and that there are only a few things you can do at a specific point in the game. But today, Rare released a brand-new video along with some […]

Sea of Thieves

Sailing the Salty Seas: We Review Sea of Thieves

When we first saw Sea of Thieves last year during Xbox’s big presentation before E3 kicked off, this looked like one of the most promising multiplayer games we’d seen in a while. Seeking treasure with riddles, sailing ships, fighting off other pirates and a horrifying Kraken. It gave us hope that pirates might be cool […]


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Will Be Testing Smaller Maps Soon

Those of you hoping for some closer battles and faster rounds in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, we got good news for you as the company will be experimenting with smaller maps next week on both PC and Xbox One. Below is a brand new tweet that PUBG Corp. sent out yesterday evening, letting players know that starting monday, […]

Twitch Streamers are Making Guides to Sea Of Thieves

In case you’ve been playing Sea Of Thieves and haven’t been paying attention, the game has a massive board and a lot of different areas you can visit for various items, loot, plundering, battles, and of course death lurking everywhere. So like real pirates, the Twitch community of players have slowly started figuring everything out […]

Sea Of Thieves Experiencing Server Issues on Opening Day

If you’ve been having issues today logging onto Sea Of Thieves for Xbox and PC, don’t worry, everyone is. Apparently, the popularity of the game was more than developers bargained for as the servers have come to a standstill tonight from the number of people logging in to play. Below is the most recent update […]

Adult Swim Games Will Bring Pool Panic to PC and Nintendo Switch

Today, Adult Swim Games announced that their next game, Pool Panic, will be coming out on the Nintendo Switch and PC “soon”. The indie billiards game developed by Rekim is being billed as the “world’s least realistic pool simulator”, and we wouldn’t expect anything different. As you can see from the announcement trailer below, the game […]

The Crew 2 is Getting a Closed Alpha for PC This Week

According to a report from ResetEra (via Games Radar) Ubisoft’s The Crew 2 is hosting a PC closed alpha test today. Ubisoft revealed the sequel at E3 2017 with a trailer confirming that planes, helicopters, and boats have been added to the array of vehicles players can expect to get behind the wheel of in the racer. From […]

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Final Beta is Live Now and Open to Everyone

Rare has announced an impromptu “final beta” for Sea of Thieves, and it is available to everyone on PC and Xbox One now. Sea of Thieves has had several testing phases in the last few months. The game has gone from closed Alphas to closed betas, meaning that selected audiences have been able to get their […]