Paulo Siqueira

X-Men: Gold #25 cover by Ryan Stegman and Edgar Delgado

X-Men Gold #25 Review: X-Men Unite in Fun One-Off Issue

The god-beast Scythian Algurus returns to wreak havoc upon Paris. Captain Britain and Meggan respond immediately. Iceman’s X-Men team arrives not long afterwards. However, the main Gold team is still in prison and can’t join the fight, but that problem may resolve itself sooner than later. X-Men: Gold #25 presents a pleasingly straightforward story which […]

X-Men: Bland Design – A Familiar Foe Returns in Astonishing X-Men #8

Welcome to X-Men: Bland Design, the weekly multi-part recap column that answers the question: “What if Ed Piskor had no art skills, a juvenile sense of humor, and less classic material to work with?” This week there are five regular-priced X-Books on the stands, which will run you a total of 20 bucks to buy and, thanks to modern comic book […]

Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #36 cover by Mahmud Asrar and Marte Gracia

Silver Sable & The Wild Pack #36 Review: Refreshing, And The Nazis Are The Villains

A group of Symkarian Eurocentric identitarian nationalists — excuse me, I mean freaking Symkarian Nazis, because that’s what they are and what that list of identifiers generally amounts to — have taken a group of immigrants hostage upon a boat. The Nazis want another of their movement released; otherwise, they will begin killing their hostages. […]

Venom #154 Review: Life Through Flat Eyes

Let’s travel back in time to before Venom #155 to Venom #154, which hit store shelves this past week. Alright, we are back in time. Boy, I hope Marvel: Legacy is good, and Mark Bagley returning to do the art for Venom has me full of excitement! Oh no! We went too far back! There are […]

Marvel Legacy Sees The Spectacular Spider-Man Behind Bars

All day Marvel has been releasing GIF covers of their Legacy related issues that homage classic covers from Marvel’s history. With batches released to various sites, they kept a handful back to send out themselves. One such reveal if the cover is that of Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man. With a cover by Paulo Siqueira, Peter […]

Who Is Drawing The Multiversity Guidebook Anyway? (TO UPDATE)

Grant Morrison has written the Multiversity Guidebook. But who is drawing it? The DC Comics website lists Ben Oliver, Chris Sprouse, Dan Jurgens, Cameron Stewart, Klaus Janson, Gary Frank, Nicola Scott and “Various”. Whereas Amazon lists Giuseppe Camuncoli, Jae Lee, Jon Bogdanove, Gary Frank, Todd Nauck, Chris Sprouse, Andrew Robinson, Duncan Rouleau, Cameron Stewart, Pete […]