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Patrick Zircher Starts a Love Affair with Marvel and Conan for #ValentinesDay

Following a tumultuous relationship with DC Comics, superstar artist Patrick Zircher announced "the beginning of a beautiful friendship" with rival Marvel Comics. Zircher revealed the news on Twitter Wednesday: How much of a classic movie geek am I?I said to Rickey Purdin, Marvel's talent relations director, I hope "this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." […]

Hal Jordan And The GL Corps #31 Review: Big Brains And Big Hearts

We learn that an alien species from the planet Kroloter have targeted Hector Hammond, as Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Superman arrive at his holding cell in Stryker's Island. They want to harvest Hector's "God Brain" for their own purposes, and it's up to Hal Jordan and Kal-El to save the villain. Unfortunately for our […]

Hal Jordan and the GL Corps #30 cover by Ethan Van Sciver and Jason Wright

Hal Jordan And The GL Corps #30 Review: Super-Nestro

A major threat has arisen on Earth, and it requires the Green Lantern Corps' best: Hal Jordan. Superman has had a run-in with Sinestro and Parallax on the Antimatter Planet Qward (which actually took place in Superman #30, which I reviewed!), and he thinks Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps should investigate. Things may […]

Percy And Zircher Take On The Emerald Archer And Introduce Night Birds

In stores this week is Green Arrow #41 as the character returns to Seattle only to discover people are disappearing and the whispers on the streets say it's something called Night Birds. Oliver Queen must stop these disappearances all while trying to figure out the alabaster man. This is the start of a new creative […]

Will We Get Another DC Relaunch In July? Green Arrow #1

Looks like the DC June mini-relaunch isn't where it begins and ends. DC listed twenty-four relaunches or new titles, and twenty-four continuing series from before the Convergence event. But it doesn't end there. Because while they listed Green Arrow as continuing with new creative team Ben Percy and Patrick Zircher, it appears that the title will relaunch […]

Nick Barrucci Makes His Art Collection Available To You

Nick Barrucci, CEO of Dynamic Forces, is making some of his original art available for sale to comic fans.  Art from creators including Tom Raney, Mark Bagley, Scott Hanna, and Patrick Zircher. These pieces include pages from some of your books as The Outsiders, The Punisher, Uncanny X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man, The Order and Robin. And […]

Mark Waid Vs. Dan Jurgens Over The New 52est Title

We've got a thriller on the Twitter going on this evening between Marvelous Mark Waid and Daring Dan Jurgens over a perceived slight about the New 52… with special guest appearance by Pounding Patrick Zircher. All over the following book:   Wow. Only the FCBD and 1st issue in and, already, FUTURES END is the […]

Forever Evil Heads To Central City In These Preview Pages From Rogues Rebellion

DC Comics continues to highlight their Forever Evil event with a first look at Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion. The focus moves to Central City and specifically on Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Heatwave, Weather Wizard and the Trickster as they come across a plethora of DCU villains. The rogues are not happy with the new status […]

Six For Suicide Squad #20

Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool I was always rather fond of Suicide Squad. The combination of moral ambiguity, superpowers and deniable espionage is a heady one and when the book's at its best it reads like very little else on the market. Issue 20, out this week, sees a new writer take over; Ales […]

BC Mag #1: Shadowman: The Magic Is Back

Bleeding Cool Magazine article by Keith Davidsen When Valiant resurrected its pantheon of heroes this summer, one of its most beloved characters was noticeably absent: Jack Boniface, the supernatural champion known as Shadowman. By the light of day, Boniface celebrated the cultural history of New Orleans as an aspiring jazz musician… but by night, he […]