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Final Fantasy XIV's Little Ladies' Day Brings Back the Songbirds

Square Enix has revealed the dates and details of this year's installment of the traditional Little Ladies' Day seasonal event in Final Fantasy XIV. The event will bring back the "Songbirds" idol group that animated the previous events, so it's likely there will be plenty of zany shenanigans coming to the event this year. The event […]

FFXIV: Dear Square Enix, Please Nerf Warriors

I honestly never thought I would be writing these words, but after a week of playing Final Fantasy XIV since patch 4.2 went live, Square Enix have gone too far. When I initially played version 4.0 Stormblood back at launch, I was somewhat unhappy about how useless my warrior's pile of HP was. I tend to war main, […]

Final Fantasy XIV

More Housing, Balance Changes Coming in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2

With Final Fantasy XIV down for a 24-hour maintenance period as Patch 4.2 readies to launch, we finally have the full patch notes. And damn, are these a doozy. To save you extensive reading on the Lodestone, we've got the highlights for you. First up is Housing. FFXIV has something of a housing crisis with fewer available […]

Sqaure Enix is Adding Even More Changes to Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2

Patch 4.2 still isn't here, but we've gotten so many updates to what exactly will be coming with the patch that it's bordering on ridiculous. We're getting changes to the glamour system, new dungeons, msq quests, new raids, new mounts, free company submarines, but today we found out even more of what to expect in Final […]

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Patch 4.2 Details and Trailer have Arrived

It's finally time to find out what Gosetsu and Yotsuyu have been up to since being stranded together on an island after the fall of Doma Castle, as Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood's patch 4.2 Rise of a New Sun is coming our way on January 30th. Square Enix released the full detailed patch notes for what we can […]

Final Fantasy XIV

Details for Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood's Patch 4.2 Have Arrived

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood's second major content patch is coming sometime in late January (my personal bet is the last week of the month), but the first details have already emerged on the game's official site. We've heard about how patch 4.2 will be addressing the game's continued housing shortage, but now we've got some […]