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SDCC Bash ‘Ready Party One’ Was Everything This Side of the OASIS

Admittedly, parties during San Diego Comic-Con are not my personal thing — usually because I a) don’t have the time (early mornings and all that), b) miss out on invites, and c) am so tired after a full day that my bed calls seductively. All that changed this year with Geek Gatsby‘s Ready Player One-themed event, […]

Here’s The Thing About ‘Ready Player One’ Haters- They’re Wrong

I love Ernie Cline‘s book “Ready Player One”, first and foremost you should know that before reading further.  It meant something special to me the first day I read (and finished, because I seriously couldn’t put the damn thing down) it, and it’s more so now I think.  If you didn’t appriciate the novel for what […]

Ready Player One LIVE at #SXSW Powered by Twitch And IMDB

Live from Bevos Hall at South By Southwest (SXSW), Ready Player One LIVE at SXSW presented by Twitch and IMDB, featuring interviews with the cast, creators, and more happening before the WORLD PREMIERE of RP1. Aisha Tyler introduced Alex Corea, the host for the event from the stage in the Ready Player One experience. Corea has been chatting with […]

These ‘Ready Player One’ Reimagined Classic Movie Posters Are AMAZING

Finally it seems like Warner Brothers is moving forward at a clippin pace to bring more Ready Player One movie goodness to the public before the film opens at the end of the month.  If you’re at all familiar with the premise of Ernie Cline’s book, then you know the importance of classic 80s films on […]

Ready Player One: The High Five Announce Hot Topic PopUp Experience, New Footage

Ready Player One really waited ’til the last minute to start to drum up more public… something… ahead of the Warner Bros. film being released next month. Aside from some pretty good trailers, the sheer lack of story-appropriate viral marketing is largely disappointing. Why no release of Anorak’s Invitation? Why no true “join the Oology […]

Ready Player One: Hot Topic Releases Their Merchandise, And We Need It ALL

Yes yes, I know, I’ve been talking a lot about Ready Player One and the film isn’t even OUT yet.  Part of this is because the book, “Ready Player One” by Ernie Cline, had such a strong impact when I read it. Part of the excitement anytime an existing property gets made into a movie is […]

Check Out These Funko ‘Ready Player One’ Pops!

We’re getting ever closer to the release of Ready Player One next month, and that means we’re finally starting to see some merchandise.  Specifically- the AMAZING Funko Pop Vinyl collection being released for the film. Seriously, this is a fabulous set of figures INCLUDING THE KEYS that make such an important appearance in the source material […]

Ready Player One: Final Trailer Full of Pure Imagination

It seems like Warner Bros. is FINALLY getting really into their marketing drops of Ready Player One. Not surprising with the film opening next month, and about damn time. Yesterday, we got five posters of the High Five, and before that — the new poster. This morning, the official RP1 Twitter account posted a brand-new (and final) trailer, […]

Ready Player One: Brand New Character Posters Introduce the High Five

Shocking, we know, but Ready Player One is a highly anticipated film release around here, and we’re gettin more excited as each new Warner Bros. thing gets posted. Last week, we not only got a brand new RP1 film poster, but it also had the first look at three of the super important characters/personalities. Today, Warner Bros. […]

Ready Player One

Steven Spielberg and Ernie Cline Talk Ready Player One, Plus NEW FOOTAGE

March 2018 can’t get here soon enough, because that’s when we get Ready Player One from Warner Bros. Director Steven Spielberg was the perfect choice to put Ernest Cline‘s novel on the silver screen, the prevalence of his filmography being integral parts of the story notwithstanding. In a new video posted today on the official RP1 twitter, we […]

New Ready Player One Trailer Is a Basket of Easter Eggs for Fans

This morning fans of Ready Player One were treated to a brand-new trailer for the upcoming live-action adaptation by Steven Spielberg of Ernest Cline‘s novel for Warner Bros. The trailer is brilliant, calming some of my more troubling fears that the changes from book-to-screen were going to be too much, take too much away from the magic […]

4 New Images Surface For “Ready Player One” Ahead of New Trailer

One of *my* personal most anticipated movies of 2018, Ready Player One is gearing up to drop a new trailer this Sunday.  That news was shared yesterday, author of the source material novel “Ready Player One” Ernest Cline tweeting about the premiere of a second trailer at the flagship Alamo Drafthouse movie theater in Austin Texas.  It’ll […]

Ready Player One

New Ready Player One Trailer Will Be Released on Sunday, in Texas

One of the most anticipated book-to-film adaptations of the last five years, Ernest Cline‘s Ready Player One, is finally getting another trailer. The first was released in July at San Diego Comic-Con during the Warner Bros. presentation in Hall H, and the immediate response was one of awe. The second trailer, just announced by Cline on Twitter, […]


Ready Player One: First Look At Olivia Cooke As Art3mis

Hey, Gunters, ready to see what Art3mis is gonna look like IRL during the upcoming Ready Player One film from Warner Bros. Pictures? Slide down your Gregarious Simulations Systems visor, strap on those haptic gloves, and log into the OASIS. Ready Player One is one of the most anticipated recent book-to-film adaptations.  Yes, The Dark Tower fans, RP1 […]