Ubisoft Rumored To Restructure Their Creative Team

If the rumors are true, then it looks like next week we'll be seeing a massive change at Ubisoft with their Paris-based creative team. According to Video Games Chronicle, next week we will be getting an announcement from the company in regards to how their team will run in the foreseeable future. If you're not […]

Capcom Announces The Next Capcom Cup For Paris

Capcom Announces Next Capcom Cup Will Be In Paris

Last night during the 2019 Capcom Cup, the company revealed its plans for 2020, including showing the Cacpcom Cup 2020 would head to Paris. The company outlined the full set of 2020 events that will be taking place in coordination with the Capcom Pro Tour, specifically the major premier events that serve as major championships […]

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Team Vitality Shows Off New Esports Complex In Paris

This week, Team Vitality decided to show off the outside of their new esports complex in Paris, France which they have dubbed the V.Hive. While they were more than happy to boast about it, as you'll read below, and show off the outside, we've seen nothing from the indoors. As of right now, it sounds […]

"Summoners War" Championship 2019: Semifinals Results

"Summoners War" Championship 2019: Grand Finals Match

We're live in Paris, France as Com2uS presents the Summoners War Championship 2019. This is it! The Grand Finals match between Thompsin and L'est. Summoners War Championship 2019 Match: Thompsin vs. L'est Both men came out swinging for the first game, both of them getting the usual bands in to keep the heavy-powered characters out […]

"Summoners War" Championship 2019: Semifinals Results

"Summoners War" Championship 2019: Semifinals Results

We're live in Paris, France as Com2uS presents the Summoners War Championship 2019. Here are the results of the semifinals featuring the final four. Match One: Baus~ vs. Thompsin The first match was quickly contested as both men pushed each other to the limit, but Thompsin popped in for the quick takedown ok the healer […]

"Summoners War" Championship 2019: Quarterfinals Results

"Summoners War" Championship 2019: Quarterfinals Results

We're live in Paris, France as Com2uS presents the Summoners War Championship 2019. Here are the results of the quarterfinals featuring the top eight players. Match One: Judas vs. Thompsin The first match showed both men bringing in some of their best builds. Both managed to knock out a character a piece early on bringing […]

The New Paris Map is Officially Playable on Overwatch Today

After spending a couple weeks on the test servers, Blizzard officially made the new Paris map live in Overwatch today. The map will send you through winding streets, cafes, and a ton of other sites all along the Seine. With the Eiffel Tower in sight at all times in the background, because it's so damn huge you […]

Six Major Paris 2018: Semifinals – Evil Geniuses vs. Rogue

We're in the home stretch of the Six Major Paris as we see the best of the best in Rainbow Six Siege competition duke it out. For the second of the two semifinals matches happening today, we have the last two North American teams in Rogue and Evil Geniuses facing off for a shot at the […]

Six Major Paris 2018: Quarterfinals Results, Part 1

We're live in Paris, France at the Six Major Paris, the second-biggest tournament from Ubisoft for Rainbow Six Siege. Eight teams have made it this far, and today during the first day of games, we're going to whittle that down to four. Here are the results for the first half of the quarterfinals from August […]

Milo Manara's Brigette Bardot, For Sale In Paris This Week

Comic book artist and illustrator, Milo Manara has painted in watercolour, 25 portraits of the French actress and model Brigitte Bardot, to be displayed and sold this week in Paris. They have all be signed by Bardot as well, with a flower. Starting at 15,000 Euros each, the sale on June 12 will be followed by an […]

The Real Reason ITV's Jekyll And Hyde Was Delayed….

The ITV adaptation and recontextalisation of Jekyll And Mister Hyde had a tumultuous broadcast. Aired in a Sunday early evening slot on ITV1, there were complaints that the show was too violent for the timeslot. That was upheld recently up Ofcom, who stated that Jekyll and Hyde was too frightening for young children and should not […]

God With A Gun – Charlie Hebdo Welcomes In 2016

This is the assassination anniversary issue of Charlie Hebdo, published this week, with the headline "One year on: the assassin is still out there." The assassin being God, that is, or possibly religion as a whole. The magazine has bumped its print run to over a million, featuring cartoons from those murdered in the attacks one year […]

CBS Pulls Scheduled Supergirl Episode In Wake Of Paris Attacks

The preview we posted earlier showing Livewire was for an episode original scheduled to air Thanksgiving week… it has been moved up to tomorrow night with the original episode of How She Does It being pulled off the schedule for now. The reason, the plot for the episode involved Supergirl stopping a series of bombs […]

X-23 First Time In The Cowl – All-New Wolverine #1 Preview

ComicVine has the first preview of All-New Wolverine #1, featuring X-23, the young female clone of Wolverine, in the cowl and taking his identity full on. Out next week…   And yes, we first mentioned this back in September last year. And Comic Vine readers seemed rather excited at the time… but some folks could use […]

Greg Capullo Sponsors Paris' New, Biggest Comic Shop, Central Comics

Greg Capullo is the sponsor of a newly branded comic store, Central Comics, in Paris, France. Taking over from Apo K Lyps Comics, Central Comics promises to be the biggest comic shop in Paris, 90 m², with 250 000 back issues from the fifties till the present, statues, toys and more, with monthly signing sessions, private commissions, exhibitions and other events… Now […]