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Pacific Rim Uprising

Pacific Rim Uprising: A New Image And John Boyega Describes Jake Pentecost

Pacific Rim Uprising comes out in March, and we get more and more information about it as the release date creeps closer. This time said information, and a new picture, comes from John Boyega and Empire Magazine. Boyega is playing Jake Pentecost, the son of Idris Elba‘s Stacker Pentecost from the first movie. However, Jake […]

Pacific Rim Uprising

Liveblogging The Pacific Rim Uprising Panel At New York Comic Con

Bleeding Cool ace reporter Kaitlyn Booth is on the ground at New York Comic to bring us live updates from the Pacific Rim Uprising (no colon, dammit!) panel! PACIFIC RIM UPRISING director Steven S. DeKnight will be joined by stars John Boyega, Scott Eastwood, Burn Gorman and Cailee Spaeny—as well as moderator Aaron Sagers, SYFY […]

pacific rim uprising

Two More Flashy Posters For Pacific Rim Uprising

We got our first official poster for Pacific Rim Uprising the other day, but it turns out there was more than one. The official Twitter account shared three posters, including a character poster for Scott Eastwood‘s character and another that once again looks like a propaganda poster. The fandom surrounding Pacific Rim is rather devoted, […]

Pacific Rim Uprising

First Poster Revealed For Pacific Rim Uprising

The marketing for Pacific Rim Uprising is slowly continuing to trickle out. We know we aren’t getting a trailer until New York Comic Con, but we have gotten a new poster from star John Boyega. Much like the teaser trailer for the movie, this poster also looks like a piece of propaganda. It’s an interesting […]

Pacific Rim

‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ Trailer To Debut At New York Comic Con

Pacific Rim Uprising comes out in March, and we still know almost nothing about it. The first teaser was an interesting idea, going with a viral marketing type of feeling, but it didn’t tell anyone anything about the movie itself. It looks like we’re finally getting a full trailer at New York Comic Con next […]

‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Gets Delayed Again

Looks like Pacific Rim fans are going to have to wait a little longer for Pacific Rim: Uprising. According to Variety Legendary and Universal have delayed the movie yet again this time pushing the release date from February 23 to March 23rd. Pacific Rim was a 2013 action movie starring Charlie Hunnam, Rinko Kikuchi, and […]

John Boyega Says ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Is Larger Than Life

When Legendary decided not to show up to San Diego Comic-Con we were robbed of a panel featuring the upcoming Pacific Rim: Uprising. We did, however, get an intriguing trailer. The movie is out in February but star John Boyega has already been fielding questions about it. On the press tour for his latest film, Detroit, Boyega […]

Pacific Rim Uprising

John Boyega Suits Up In First Teaser Footage For ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’

“Join the Jaeger Uprising,” the voice of John Boyega says in the first teaser for Pacific Rim Uprising, the Giant Mech vs Monster sequel that fans have been waiting for. The teaser treats us to over a minute of footage, introducing the new Jaeger designs — including Gypsy Avenger. The original Pacific Rim pulled in $300 […]

John Boyega Shares A Picture From The ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Reshoots

The production for Pacific Rim: Uprising wrapped back in March but it looks like it’s time for some reshoots according to star John Boyega. Boyega, who is very active on social media, posted a picture on his instagram saying that he was “filming something pretty special” for the upcoming sequel to one of the best […]

Pacific Rim

‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ Wraps, Can It Please Come Out Tomorrow?

John Boyega posted on instagram that filming for the sequel to Pacific Rim, called Pacific Rim: Uprising, has wrapped. There hasn’t been a lot of information released on the sequel with most of the images coming straight from Boyega’s instagram account and leaked images. Now that filming has finished perhaps we can look forward to […]

Detective Pikachu And Godzilla Sequel Get Titles As Pacific Rim 2 Gets A New Name

Things change quickly in Hollywood sometimes, and it seems a quite recent bit of news might have already been altered. Not so long ago, John Boyega went to Instagram, seemingly announcing Pacific Rim 2 to be called Pacific Rim: Maelstrom. Well, throw that out the window. Legendary have now come out themselves and announced a couple […]