Batman Vs Occupy Wall Street, By Boulet

It’s been a little while coming. But this is French artist Gilles Roussel, better known as Boulet, and his response to Frank Miller’s infamous blog post about the Occupy Wall Street protests. And just how it was drawn…

Richard Pace Responds To Frank Miller

If this response to Frank Miller‘s comments on Occupy Wall Street four days ago (was that all it was?) is a little slower, then that’s because Richard Pace had to draw it. And as we know, this kind of thing takes time…

Mark Millar Responds To Frank Miller – Or Rather The Reaction To Frank Miller

Their surnames may be spelt differently, but they are pronounced exactly the same. They are both comic book creators whose work has been turned into successful and acclaimed movies and have also had a go at directing their own movies too. But politically they are worlds apart. But Mark Millar, fan of Frank Miller, has […]

Ann Nocenti On Occupy Wall Street

As part of a larger interview on her upcoming work on Green Arrow, and a larger look at her career as a while, I had the opportunity to ask Ann Nocenti about Occupy Wall Street. A significant player in the comics industry in the 1980s and into the 1990s, editing the Uncanny X-Men and writing […]

Neal Adams Puts Frank Miller’s Occupy Comments In Context

Neal Adams, is a man who knows what it’s like to believe something that’s… against the prevailing wisdom. From the origins of the Earth, to whether or not Batman: Odyssey is a good comic. This weekend he read Frank Miller’s comments about Occupy Wall Street and wanted to put them in context. He writes for […]

Space Hijackers Vs Paternoster Square

One of my friends is a member of the comedy anarchist group the Space Hijackers who have, in the past, driven a tank through the G20 protests. Their mission is to rebrand corporate owned space, in an amusing a way as possible. In the light of Frank Miller’s remarks about Occupy Wal Street protestors, I […]

Comics Industry Issues Retort To Frank Miller. Including Batman.

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool ran Frank Miller’s take on Occupy Wall Street, and noted some of the comments on his blog (now closing in on a thousand), and how they were mixed in response. A few of his fellow comic book professionals had something to say on Twitter as well. Here’s a selection. They are […]