Owen Gieni

Rat Queens #9 cover by Leila del Duca and Owen Gieni

Rat Queens Vol. 2 #9 Advance Review: How Things Turn Out

Dee relives the split between the Rat Queens and Hannah, and we see how things turn out for the Queens 20 years down the line. Dee returns to the life she had with her family and becomes the head of her village's religion. Violet marries, has a large family, and becomes the ruler of her […]

Rat Queens Vol. 2 #6 Review: Amazing Leads Go On A Bizarre Journey

The Rat Queens receive a quest from Betty to rescue her friend Jason. While they discuss, the waitress Madeline stands in awe of these adventurers. Later, the five Rat Queens go on said journey to find and save Jason. From here, the adventure only gets more beautifully bizarre. From the outset, I am quite charmed […]

Why Shutter Is A Daring Comic

Shutter, from what I've been able to see, has been a very popular comic and well-received among the creative-minded and those whose taste I value particularly. It's a fascinating comic, an unrelentingly lively one, that keeps the pace about as breathless as is possible while still maintaining separate beats. In an era, knock on wood, […]