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“Doctor Sleep” is a Cover Band Sequel to “The Shining” [Review]

“Doctor Sleep” is a Cover Band Sequel to “The Shining” [Review]

The movie version of Doctor Sleep, Stephen King’s decades-later sequel to The Shining, arrived with a ton of hype and mostly positive reviews. Writer-director Mike Flanagan is probably the best adapter of King stories. He’s a massive King fan and meticulous, serious and thoughtful filmmaker. King reportedly disliked the Stanley Kubrick adaptation of The Shining […]

Pinup Girl Clothing has Overlook Hotel Items Available for Pre-Order

Dear Pinup Girl Clothing- our closets need a section devoted purely to your shapely dresses, swinging skirts, and the new Overlook Hotel inspired collection. Fans of The Shining will no doubt know the most recognizable hotel carpet in cinema history (this side of the Atlanta Marriott Marquis) as well as the blue-purple pattern, which features in […]

Producer James Vanderbilt Talks Shining Prequel Overlook Hotel

Overlook Hotel is an in-development prequel to The Shining at Warner Bros. Director Mark Romanek is attached to helm the picture from a script by Damien executive producer Glen Mazzara. The whole thing sounds crazy, but producer James Vanderbilt tells Collider that it won’t be what people are expecting. “It’s not like ’20 Years Before The […]