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50 Comic Collections On Your Bookshelf Worth Over $100

Not the Omnibuses. Not the Deluxe, Absolute, Artists Editions, signed, limited, numbered collections. Just the plain old ordinary comic book collections you could have picked up in your comic shop over the last few years that are, for some reason, out of print and are now burning a hole in your bookshelf… Some recent eBay […]

Marvel Trades About To Go Out Of Print

Marvel are offering a number of trade paperbacks that are about to go out of print, to retailers for extra discount. The company are renowned now for not keeping their backlist in stock. One rumour states that Isaac Perlmutter has threatened to fire any editor who keeps more than five volumes of any series in […]

Marvel Hardcovers And Trade Paperbacks About To Go Out Of Print

Marvel have issued a list of hardcover and trade paperbacks they are expecting to go out of print shortly. This gives retailers a chance to stock up for a final time (for now) and, of course, allows speculators load up on books that will suddenly be a whole lot rarer, with an increased price to […]