TSA Bans Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Sphere Coke Bottles

TSA Bans Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Sphere Coke Bottles

Travelers from the two major Disney theme parks in California and Florida of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge will have to contend with a souvenir ban of the spherical “thermal detonator” Coke bottles, because of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) says it looks like a replica explosive. The $5 Coke bottles are among over a 1,000 unique […]

Talking To Jonboy Meyers At MegaCon Orlando 2017

From Senior Boricua Correspondent Marco Lopez: Hands down, Jonboy Meyers was my favorite interview. I love his art style. And combined with the enthusiasm, passion, and energy he puts into his work, what he brings to comics (and this interview) is just phenomenal. It makes me feel like when I was a teen and reading about […]

A Surprising Encounter With Source Point Press At MegaCon Orlando 2017

From Senior Boricua Correspondent Marco Lopez: So, I’m going, to be honest. I had no intentions of interviewing Source Point Press. Not because I didn’t want to or because I don’t like what they’re doing — I think they’re fantastic. I just had no idea they were going to be at MegaCon in the first […]

Arcade Chaser: There’s An Arcade Inside Orlando International Airport

I travel a good deal, and as such, I spend a considerable amount in airports. Most of them are all the same: there are some overpriced shops and food, you’ll be bored, and not everyone there is friendly. MCO is an above-average airport. There’s a decent amount of shopping and food, there are aquariums throughout […]

Cosplay Roundup From Star Wars Celebration

  Star Wars Celebration Orlando has come to a close and it’s been a heck of an experience. If you’ve kept up with our coverage over the weekend you’ll know that our crew has been beating the bushes (and standing in lines) to bring you some of the breaking happenings throughout. As with most pop-culture conventions […]

New National TV Ad For Disney’s Pandora: The World Of Avatar

Today during The View, a new ad for Disney’s Animal Kingdom Pandora: The World of Avatar aired. While Disney fanatics have seen most of the footage, this will give new fans a better look at some of what to expect inside the themed land, and Navi River Journey. Pandora: The World of Avatar will be opening […]

A Comic Show – Stay Strong, Orlando

 Aaron Haaland writes from A Comic Shop, Orlando, Hey Fandom! I’m back in the wake of Heroes Con and our We Love Orlando benefit concert. This week have Rebirth first issues holding strong. Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash #1’s were all great new directions. Detective continued to let Batwoman and Tim Drake shine. The […]

Tales From The Four Color Closet: One Week After Orlando

By Joe Glass A week ago saw the worst mass shooting in American history. To date. I’m sad that I feel I need to add that last bit, but frankly, the phrase ‘worst mass shooting in American history’ is becoming all too frequently uttered. It was an act of absolute terror. But it was also […]

E3’s Flags Fly At Half Mast Today In Orlando Tribute

While E3 kicked off today, the tragedy that saw the loss of 50 lives in Orlando gay bar, Pulse, has not gone unnoticed. It’s understandable to see it that way though, as we are celebrating video games, many of which create fun through the act of gun play and murdering digital people. I can tell you […]

Wizard World Orlando 2016 Dropped, Will Debut In August 2017

People planning to attend Wizard World Orlando Comic Con in August this year might have had a shock when they went to check the latest in guest appearances, parking, hotel dates and the like.  Just a few days ago, they were promising James Marsters, Carmen Carnero and Dean Haspiel. It was now happening in August […]

Transgender Comic Creator At Centre Of Media Storm Over TSA Treatment

Shadi Petowsky is a comic book designer, creator and publisher, working with the likes Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon as Big Time Attic, on comics such as Replacement God and Top 10, as well as working on the Yo Gabba Gabba TV series, and for Puny Entertainment. But she’s hit the news this week for very […]

DC Announces Two New Retailer Roadshows For March, One In Orlando, One In Seattle

DC Entertainment are running two more retailer roadshows, where the execs turn up and talk turkey with local retailers. And we have two in March, one in Orlando, the other in Seattle. And more to come in subsequent months… The first is the MegaCon Retailer Roadshow at Orange County Convention Center on Thursday 20th, with […]

Siike Donnelly Is Going To Megacon. Here, Let Him Tell You How Excited He Is.

Siike Donnelly writes for Bleeding Cool; Ever since my first convention in 1999, I’ve been an avid fan of going to panels. Meeting the creative minds behind some of my favorite comics, getting the opportunity to ask them questions that have been plaguing my mind since finishing the final pages of their books, has always […]

A Comic Show – Getting All Giddy For Two Weeks Time

The Orlando Weekly’s best comic shop for five years in a row has been celebrating their win with a My Little Pony Party. Aaron and Tri Force Mike of A Comic Shop are excited about the relaunch in two weeks and their Midnight Release Party for Flashpoint and Justice League and look through the goodbye […]

A Comic Show – The Best Week In Comics Of The Year So Far

So this is a big week for the boys of A Comic Shop in Florida. A lot of Fear Itself and Fear Itself Home Front, and its similarity to Blackest Night, the new Herc, Uncanny X-Men Point One that’s all Magneto trying to get better publicity, Spider-Man Annual without Chew branding, Brightest Day makes Aaron […]