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Brian Bendis Gets To Do In X-Men What JMS Wasn’t Allowed To In Spider-Man

So Brian Bendis has been doing some fun things with time in the Marvel Universe titles he’s been writing these last few years. Time was rewritten with Age Of Ultron. The All-New X-Men came from the past to the present, while the Future X-Men came from the future to the present, giving us at one […]

Fanboy Rampage: JMS Vs Steve Wacker (UPDATE – Now With Added Waid And Slott)

Joe Michael Straczynski posted on an open Facebook page, a link to the image above with the words Sales on The Amazing Spider-Man since my departure. Just sayin’ Steve Wacker, current editor of the Spider-Man comics replied; An excellent post, JMS. Out of context, out of date and full of out-of-the-blue mean. Everyone on ASM […]

Saying Goodbye To Spider-Man by Matthew H. Kleinert

Matthew H. Kleinert is an attorney and long term reader of Spider-Man. Till today. His opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Bleeding Cool. But then, do anyone’s? “Today. Today. My best friend. The best person I’ve ever known-set me free.” – Peter Parker, Amazing Spider-Man #641 1995 was not a particularly good year. Sixth […]