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Old Spice: Gambit Gets a New Codename from Deadpool in Mr. and Mrs. X #2?

Incoming Uncanny X-Men writer Kelly Thompson took to Twitter late Monday night to share a panel from Mr. and Mrs. X #2, in stores a week from Wednesday on August 22. The panel tells us Gambit will reunite with Rogue, who was kidnapped by Deadpool at the end of issue 1. It also reveals that Deadpool […]

Rick and Morty Fans Might Be Reading Too Much into Dan Harmon’s Season 4 Tweet

Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon isn’t exactly what you would call a “dabbler” in social media interaction, using it to regularly update fans on what’s going on in his life both personally and professionally. One thing in particular Harmon has a reputation for: confronting critics online who usually function under the assumption that they […]

Old Spice Gentleman D&D

Old Spice Creates Their Own D&D Character Class: The Gentleman

Old Spice took to their Twitter account this week to introduce an custom character class for Dungeons & Dragons. Now, they don’t say the name Dungeons & Dragons because, as they say, legal reasons… but it’s pretty obvious what the four-page PDF is designed for. The playable class is called The Gentleman and is based […]

Terry Crews – Actor, Athlete And Artist

Terry Crews has been building his name as an actor for the last decade. From his role on Brooklyn Nine-Nine to The Expendables movies and the Old Spice commercials, the guy is everywhere. His role on Newsroom was small but scene stealing opposite Jeff Daniels. And before he ever worked in Hollywood, he was bouncing […]

Puss In Boots Does Old Spice

The Puss in Boots viral videos continue, and may even have  reached their pinnacle with this pastiche of the Old Spice campaign. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JsbSolUF5c[/youtube] Again, the comic mileage in his machismo and cattiness seems endless. The more I see, the more I think this film is going to be both the most cogent and the most […]

VIDEO: Isaiah Mustafa Is Luke Cage In This Unexplained Trailer

I’d be prepared to bet dollars to donuts* that this ‘trailer’ for a Luke Cage film that doesn’t exist was somehow initiated by Isaiah Mustafa himself. If you haven’t been following, Mustafa is the Old Spice man who is variously on a horse or not, but is always the man your man could smell like, […]