SWC2019 is COMING SOON! Summoners War 서머너즈워

OGN & Com2uS Partner for $210K “Summoners War” Tournament

This week, OGN and Com2uS have announced a new partnership where they will be holding a special Summoners War World Arena Championship. This tournament will kick-off online this weekend and run all the way until the end of August, where the finalists will be competing in Paris for the championship and a $210k prize pool. […]

Secretlab Partners with OGN for 100-Seat Battle Royale Studio

This week, OGN and Secretlab announced that they have come together to show off the first 100-seat battle royale studio in North America. OGN has created studios like this before in South Korea to show off esports competitions for games like League of Legends and Overwatch, but now they’ve created the OGN Super Arena in California, stocked […]

Nothing Lasts Forever Review – A Powerful And Hopeful Insight To A Life

Nothing Lasts Forever by Sina Grace is a powerful, poignant look into the life of the artist. Told through a series of rough sketches, doodles and more, it really gives the idea of the thoughts and ideas of the creator translating onto the page as they happen. We follow Sina Grace as he continues to […]

A Week In Transphobia In Comics

It’s been an interesting first week of Pride Month for comics. Early in the week, in fact pretty much kicking it off, came news that Drawn & Quarterly had cancelled a book, Sadbøi, by artist Berliac due to a historic transphobic essay and comments that were brought to light. Now, on new comic day of […]

Who’s A Sadbøi Now? Book Cancelled Amid Transphobia Concerns

Drawn & Quarterly has cancelled the release of OGN Sadbøi by artist Berliac after controversial comments the artist made in the past have come to light. A 2015 essay by the artist contained numerous transphobic sentiments, which were pushed further in online discussion between the artist and other parties, including members of the transgender community. When a […]

Deadpool Vs. Thumper In Rob Liefeld’s Original Graphic Novel For Marvel Comics

This is what Rob Liefeld was tweeting about the other day. Another new Deadpool project from Marvel. And it’s an original graphic novel with Chris Sims and Chad Bowers with Deadpool Vs Thumper. Sadly this story does not involve the above character in a Marvel/Disney crossover. Otherwise it would quickly end up as ComicBook have the […]

The Winner Of The 2017 Eisner For Best Graphic Novel, Patience By Dan Clowes

Previously teased, Fantagraphics will be publishing a brand new original graphic novel from Dan Clowes next year, called Patience. The acclaimed comic creator of Eightball, Ghost World, Like A Velvet Glove Cast In Iron, Dan Pussey and Shia Labeouf‘s wet dreams, a new work from Dan Clowes is something to be truly anticipated. Patience is an […]

Jerome Opeña Working On An Avengers Original Graphic Novel?

The last we saw of Jerome Opeña in comic books was at the end of the Infinity series. Snce then he’s done a few covers, but has been remarkably quiet on the work front. Well, I hear he’s working on an Avengers original graphic novel, fully painted. And he has some lead time… the book won’t […]

Jim Starlin – More Than You Thought For 2014

We knew that Jim Starlin was working on a Thanos graphic novel for Marvel to be published in 2014, The Infinity Revelation, which we ran the PR for while other sites were busy partying on New Year’s Eve. We have no life.. But there’s more to it than that. He told The Beat in their […]

Warren Ellis And Mike McKone’s Avengers: Endless Wartime REPRINT REVIEW

Tomorrow sees the official release of Warren Ellis and Mike McKone’s original graphic novel for Marvel, Avengers : Endless Wartime. Though it may have slipped out from some stores a little early. A good excuse to rerun this review from last month… Warren Ellis and Mike McKone have a new original graphic novel. Avengers: Endless […]

Hellboy’s Midnight Circus – A Collection Of Preview Art

The Hellboy original graphic novel from Mike Mignola and Duncan Fegredo. Midnight Circus, is getting closer and closer. Here’s a look ahead. Firstly, a preview from Previews… And an additional page from the preview in The Strain… Not long now, folks.