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Otis Frampton Draws Some Presidents For Fourth Of July

Happy 4th of July Bleeding Coolers! To celebrate, let us stare at these wonderful time lapse videos of Otis Frampton drawing some Presidents… I love his style. Otis Frampton is the creator of Image Comics, Oddly Normal and ABCDEFGeek. He's also one of the artists on How It Should Have Ended.

Will We See Oddly Normal On TV?

It was almost a year ago that I sat down to talk to Otis Frampton about Oddly Normal making its transition from monthly issues to graphic novels. We had an in-depth chat about many things, and one of them, was Oddly making her way to the screen. Otis shared: "I haven't talked about it until now, but Oddly Normal […]

You Can Support Otis Frampton For Just "A Little More Money Than A Side Of Guacamole"

Otis Frampton, creator of Image Comics, Oddly Normal, artist on How it Should Have Ended, and all around Star Wars advocate has made his way onto Patreon. For just $3 a month, we can get access to Otis Frampton's "work diary," and here's what that includes… "Oddly Normal: Working on my Image Comics graphic novel series takes up most of […]

Advance Review: Oddly Normal Book 3 Is A Page-Turning Adventure

Oddly Normal from Image Comics is one of the best all-ages comics on shelves right now. After the single issue comic made its way to trade paperback form, sales boosted. Now, the comic is being released solely in graphic novel form, and the story continues with Book 3 this Wednesday. After venturing to Fignation with […]

Five Free Comic Book Day Titles To Get Excited About

Free Comic Book Day will be here before we know it. PreviewsWorld reminded us with this Thor photo… But out of all the titles, there are five in particular that I'm very excited about for one reason or another. Keep your eyes peeled for… Boom! Studios 2016 Summer Blast because they simply make the best […]

Pin-Ups Instead Of Variant Covers In Oddly Normal Book 3

Since Oddly Normal has made the transition from single issues to graphic novels, Otis Frampton came up with a solution for fans not missing out on variant covers. …and they are awesome! I love the variety of colors, and overall style. They belong on my wall. I especially love Scott's because of the giant moon. The sun […]

Inking Progress On Oddly Normal Book 3

I don't know about you, but boy am I missing Oddly Normal. Therefore, I tend to watch creator Otis Frampton's Twitter like a hawk because he posts a considerable amount of inking progress images. While the need for more Oddly Normal stays with me, seeing these helps… Just in case you forgot, Oddly Normal has made the transition from being released […]

Why Do You Taunt Us Otis Frampton? Spill Your Guts

Earlier this week Oddly Normal creator Otis Frampton tweeted this: Talk about a tweet loaded with mystery. I'm a huge Star Wars fan and adore all of Frampton's Star Wars illustrations. I am also a huge fan of Oddly Normal and followed it since Image Comics released its first issue in 2014. Now that the […]

Image Comics Joins The Free Comic Book Day List With Two Titles

It's exciting to find out that Image Comics will be participating in Free Comic Book Day 2016, with two titles that are fun and appropriate for all ages. The two comics are Oddly Normal by Otis Frampton, and Camp Midnight by Steven T. Seagle and Jason Adam Katzenstein. Camp Midnight will be the Gold Level […]

The Force Is With Oddly Normal Creator Otis Frampton

It's a known fact that I'm a huge fan of Otis Frampton's delightful series Oddly Normal, but you may not know that this awesome creator has a lot of love for Star Wars. His Twitter and Instagram are often graced with some really cool sketches. Here's a great example: Like many artists, Otis participated in #INKTOBER. This was one of […]

Don't Miss Out On Oddly Normal Vol. 2 TP Out This Week

Multi-talented Otis Frampton's comic Oddly Normal has been one of the most enjoyable series to read. After ten issues, Oddly Normal has been collected into two graphic novels. This week brings the release of Oddly Normal Vol. 2 which includes issues 6-10. I had the pleasure of interviewing Otis Frampton in August, and during that interview he announced that […]

Advance Review Of Oddly Normal #10: A New Pet And The Last Single Issue Before Books Begin

It's Oddly's first full week at Menagerie Middle School! It's also the last single issue release for Oddly Normal, but don't worry…instead of the books being print released every month they are going to be collected into books that will consist of five chapters each. Writer and illustrator Otis Frampton is working with Image Comics to also have the series […]

Big News For Oddly Normal! A Conversation With Otis Frampton

I had the honor of sitting down with epic creator Otis Frampton  to get the low down on what's new and exciting with his excellent book from Image Comics, Oddly Normal. Take a look at our informal, rambling, but announcement-filled conversation below. [Note: Depending on how much of Oddly Normal you've read, you may come […]

Oddly Normal #8 Reminds Readers Of Otis Frampton's Imaginative Brilliance

Oh how my heart fills with joy at the sight of a brand new issue of Oddly Normal. From Image Comics, written and illustrated by Otis Frampton, Oddly Normal continues to be one of my favorite comics. Now that we've arrived at the eighth issue, we have been through quite a lot with the iconic […]

A Look At Where Oddly Came From In Oddly Normal #7

Normally, I'll read the new issue of Oddly Normal the second I get home from the comic book store on Wednesday. This week, I decided to save the best for last. From Image Comics, Oddly Normal #7, written and illustrated by Otis Frampton takes us on a journey to the past with Oddly. Last month, […]

Broomsticks, Potions, And Spells: Quality Time With Auntie In Oddly Normal #6

I'm thrilled to have a new issue of Oddly Normal to read. I don't know how I survived last month without one. However, now that the trade paperback is out, there's no excuse! Everyone should be caught up on this wonderful comic, and ready for more adventures in Fignation. From Image Comics, Oddly Normal #6, […]

Oddly Normal #5 Paves The Way To New Opportunities

It's always good news when I realize a new issue of Oddly Normal is coming out. From Image Comics, Oddly Normal #5, written and illustrated by Otis Frampton, begins with the internal dialogue that drew me to the series in the first place. We are immediately immersed in Oddly's thoughts about her current standings at […]

Bleeding Cool's Best Comic Panels of 2014

This is certainly a Bleeding Cool tradition worth upholding, bringing together the chosen best comics panels of the year from our site writers. From the just plain bizarre to the hilarious and emotive, this year had it all and some of the finest creators working in the medium really shine even brighter when you take […]