Could Occupy Comics Face The Wrath Of Warner Bros Lawyers?

This is the cover to the Occupy Comics trade paperback, featuring the V For Vendetta version of the Guy Fawkes mask which has been appropriated by Anonymous, Occupy and the Arab Spring movements. It hadn’t appeared on the covers of the issues, though used inside. Because while one could be considered comment and fair use, […]

Occupy DC Comics! Or Don’t, Whatever…

@coondawg68 Why do you assume it’s about Occupy?Hint: it isn’t. — GailSimone (@GailSimone) February 12, 2013 Well that was quite entertaining. Since the announcement of The Movement by Gail Simone and Freddie Williams last week, it has been attacked from the right as pandering to left wing activists, and to a lesser extent from the […]

Friday Runaround – More Insidious Than Syphilis No More!

THE WIRED Wired runs Alan Moore’s essay from Occupy Comics; The field of comics, formerly regarded as a more insidious threat to young minds and public morality than syphilis, has currently attained a level of propriety which it seems anxious to maintain. Having at last apparently become a critically-accepted and occasionally lucrative component of the […]

V For Vendetta Marches On Parliament (LIVE – UPDATED)

From Trafalgar Square, tonight. They rememebred, remembered the fifth of Novembered.   You know, in the original scene filmed at Parliament for the V For Vendetta movie, they got decent access because in part Tony Blair’s son, Euan Blair was an intern on the film… they could hav done with him today.

And Finally… David Lloyd Puts V On The Cover Of Occupy Comics

A year after Occupy began, here’s the second issue of Occupy Comics, successfully funded by Kickstarter, with V staring down the Wall Street Bull. And the Wall Street Bull’s balls.. It includes work by Mike Allred, Bill Ayers, Matt Bors, Shannon Wheeler, Si Spurrier, Smudge, Riley Rossmo, Patrick Meaney, Matthew Rosenberg & Patrick Kindlon, Ryan […]

Molly Crabapple Gets Out Of Jail, Gets On Al-Jazeera

We reported how, yesterday morning, cartoonist and comic book creator Molly Crabapple was arrested as part of the Occupy Wall Street protest in Manhattan’s financial district, up until she was in the police van. This is what happened next; love you all. God jail is boring. #s17 #ows The women’s section was totally threatened with […]

Molly Crabapple Arrested During Occupy Wall Street Anniversary Protest

Over a hundred people were arrested today as Occupy Wall Street held a series of peaceful protests around Manhattan’s financial district in a one year anniversary of the movement. They included the cartoonist and comic creator Molly Crabapple. She tweeted; Arrested. Twittering from police van Just grabbed off sidewalk, along with everones else here Arresting […]

Frank Miller Vs Occupy Vs Zombies

Welcome to the latest comics Kickstarter project with a majorly media-friendly pitch. Frank Miller Vs Occupy Wall Street Vs Zombies. They are only after $450. And already have $150 from one donor. Will you be the second? And while they are funding the first issue here, they are also funding the eventual graphic novel collection […]

Archie Takes On Occupy Riverdale – An Exclusive Bleeding Cool Preview

Time for Archie to hit the political controversy of the age full on. In an election year, when the bankers and businessmen are portrayed as both angels and demons, with neither side giving an inch, it’s time for Archie to make his choice when Occupy comes to Riverdale. The 99% or 1%? Unfettered capitalism vs social democratic? Betty […]

Occupy Riverdale – It’s Happening, Here’s The Jill Thompson Art To Prove It (UPDATE)

This is the planned artwork for Archie Comics #635 in July, leaked to Bleeding Cool. As earlier rumoured, it will tell the story of the global protest against massively unequal redistrubution of wealth and power, under the title Occupy Riverdale, echoing the Occupy movements present around the world. This continued the further progressive storylines from […]

Alan Moore Talks V For Vendetta Masks To The BBC

Alan Moore has written an article for the BBC about the history and impact of the Guy Fawkes and the mask from V For Vendetta, including recent anti-Scientology and Occupy protests. He writes, regarding the re-emergence of the mask. It would seem that the various tectonic collapses deep in the structure of our economic and […]

OCCUPY RIVERDALE – The Latest Step From Archie Comics Into Controversy

Bleeding Cool has sources everywhere. Some are reliable, some are… less so, but sometimes still come up with the goods. Well, this come from one of those double platinum sources that you can bet the farm, the farmer and the entire agricultural budget on. I was given two words. Two words that define the story. […]

Alan Moore Meets Occupy Londoners In Their V For Vendetta Masks [VIDEO]

Channel 4 News last night interviewed Alan Moore, and took him to meet the Occupy London demonstrators for the first time at St Paul’s Cathedral. And he came away “amazed, I’m very impressed and I’m rather touched. The people here are amazing, I think that this is the best organised, most forward thinking protest that […]

Batgirl #5 Brings Us “Occupy Gotham”

I’ve given the thirteen-or-so thoughts of the week’s DC Comics a bit of a break for now. It was doing my head in, and I was reading too many comics that I just didn’t like, which is never good for the soul. But if I was still doing them, then this scene from this week’s […]

Batman Vs Occupy Wall Street, By Boulet

It’s been a little while coming. But this is French artist Gilles Roussel, better known as Boulet, and his response to Frank Miller’s infamous blog post about the Occupy Wall Street protests. And just how it was drawn…

Vox Populi – Alan Moore Talks Anonymous, Occupy And The V For Vendetta Mask

It wouldn’t be the first time that iconography associated with Alan Moore has escaped into the wild. The blood splattered smiley face image, created by Moore and Dave Gibbons was used as advertising for the Watchmen comic by Forbidden Planet on the London Underground. Leading to on one occasion, image after image of a smiley […]

Richard Pace Responds To Frank Miller

If this response to Frank Miller‘s comments on Occupy Wall Street four days ago (was that all it was?) is a little slower, then that’s because Richard Pace had to draw it. And as we know, this kind of thing takes time…

Mark Millar Responds To Frank Miller – Or Rather The Reaction To Frank Miller

Their surnames may be spelt differently, but they are pronounced exactly the same. They are both comic book creators whose work has been turned into successful and acclaimed movies and have also had a go at directing their own movies too. But politically they are worlds apart. But Mark Millar, fan of Frank Miller, has […]