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Could Occupy Comics Face The Wrath Of Warner Bros Lawyers?

This is the cover to the Occupy Comics trade paperback, featuring the V For Vendetta version of the Guy Fawkes mask which has been appropriated by Anonymous, Occupy and the Arab Spring movements. It hadn’t appeared on the covers of the issues, though used inside. Because while one could be considered comment and fair use, […]

Cammy’s Covers – 100 Bullets To Occupy Comics

Cameron Hatheway writes; 100 Bullets: Brother Lono #1 by Dave Johnson ¡Ay, caramba! Such a delightfully pulpy cover by the Reverend Dave Johnson. While his covers are frequently featured here, it looks like he really took his time illustrating this cover in particular. Just look at Brother Lono’s face; it’s definitely seen some action. The floating hypnotic skull in the background is […]

Twenty-Two Thoughts About Twenty-Two Comics – Bloodshot, Occupy Comics, X-Men Legacy, The Liberator, Batwoman, Captain Midnight, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, Wild Blue Yonder, Superior Spider-Man, 100 Bullets, X-Files, Vibe, Supergirl, Red Hood And The Outlaws, Judge Dredd Year One, House Of Usher, House Of Gold And Bones, Darth Vader, Mara, Baltimore And Dream Thief

  Mark Sable in Occupy Comics represents everybody reading Bleeding Cool. Possibly some of them writing it as well. A pottymouth Red Skull? Honestly, such language, I don’t think I’ve ever heard the like. I know he’s a Nazi, but there’s a time and a place. Look at that instant apologia for similar, more misogynist […]

Aim Your Ire Up: Occupy Comics #1 Review

Louis Falcetti writes; It’s important to look beyond the obvious when we’re reading the books we love or watching the shows we adore. It’s not our fault that we get excited and miss the forest for the trees. Or maybe just glade for the clearing? We’re definitely missing something a lot of the time (sometimes). […]

When Occupy Comics Occupied Forbidden Planet, New York

By Hannah Means-Shannon The much anticipated first issue of Occupy Comics published by Black Mask Studios reached shops in digital and print format on Wednesday May 22nd, bringing with it the promised chock-a-block contributions from remarkable creators in the field supporting the mission of the originally Kickstartered project: to “attempt to add the voices of […]

Pop Culture Hounding Gabriel Hardman

[audio:http://popculturehound.net/podpress_trac/web/1868/0/PCHPodcastEpisode40.mp3] by Chris Thompson There’s a trifecta of great titles for Taylor & I to look at this week, plus one very special mention. First up, we keep ourselves occupied with Occupy Comics #1 from fledgling publisher Black Mask Studios. Then we take a look Mike Garley & Martin Simmonds’ Eponymous #1, which debuted as […]

Occupy Comics Has “Way More Awesome” From Alan Moore

You’d be surprised just how many Kickstarter comics projects suddenly updated their current status with donors after yesterday’s post. They include Occupy Comics, who wrote about the planned Anthology, saying; Hey everybody- Sorry for the lack of updates. I keep wanting to announce a new timeline, but I’m reliant on a lot of other people […]

Alan Moore Joins David Lloyd For Occupy Comics

He doesn’t just oppose Frank Miller on the Occupy Wall Street front, or support their cause through interview, he’s supporting it the way he knows best. By writing. For the Occupy Comics volume, two days away from the completion of their fundraising campaign. Alan Moore and David Lloyd have not worked together since V For […]

Occupy Comics Recruits The Man Who Gave Them A Face – V’s David Lloyd

The Occupy Comics project have added more names to their significant roster of talent. In the latest batch of recruits are Invincible‘s Ryan Ottley, Madman‘s Mike Allred, Too Much Coffee Man‘s Shannon Wheeler, Flood!‘s Eric Drooker, American Splendor‘s Dean Haspiel, and the painter Guy Denning. Though the most notable, perhaps, is David Lloyd, the man […]