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Did Your Oblivion Song #4 Have a Frog on It?

Last month, Oblivion Song #4 by Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici had a stealth variant cover that came out at the same time. Skybound/Image have done this before with their Pink Signature editions. But this time? The presence of a frog. Here's the standard version. And here's the variant. However, unlike the Pink Signature […]

Robert Kirkman Sings His 'Oblivion Song' at Image Expo 2018

With two weeks left before the new Image/Skybound sci-fi series Oblivion Song hits shelves, Robert Kirkman took to the stage of Image Expo 2018 to not only promote the book, but also to thank those in attendance for their support and explain why working on original material is important for an artist's creative process: Here […]

Robert Kirkman Vows: No Second Printings for Oblivion Song (But Plenty of First)

In a move sure to send shockwaves throughout the comics industry and beyond, Skybound mogul and third most famous person to ever come from Kentucky Robert Kirkman has sworn to refrain from going back to press on Oblivion Song #1, the first issue of the exciting new comic from Kirkman and Lorenzo de Felici! According to […]

A Letter from Robert Kirkman to Comic Book Retailers for Oblivion Song #1

The $200 Collectors Edition version of Oblivion Song by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici, complete with statue, was intended to ship all 1000 limited editions for March 7th.  Instead, due to "unforeseen circumstances", only 600 of the 1000 units of Image Comics' Oblivion Song #1 Collectors Edition will arrive in time to process for […]

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Kirkman and De Felici's Oblivion Song Gets a $200 Collector's Edition

Whoever predicted Image would come out with a $200 comic book before Marvel is about to be as rich as an early bitcoin adopter. According to an EXCLUSIVE reveal on IGN, Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici's upcoming new comic book, Oblivion Song, will come with a deluxe collectors edition version with a price tag […]

Robert Kirkman's Newest Comic 'Oblivion Song' Introduced At NYCC

Freddy Valle reporting from NYCC for Bleeding Cool: The panel began with Robert Kirkman walking in and choosing to stand rather than sit. He was on stage alone, with no moderators, thus setting a very laid back and personal atmosphere. He began by showing the cover art for an upcoming issue of The Walking Dead. […]

Oblivion Song: Robert Kirkman And Lorenzo De Felici Launch New Image Ongoing

Get those checkbooks ready, television producers! Walking Dead mogul and Kentucky land baron Robert Kirkman is launching a new ongoing series with artist Lorenzo De Felici at Skybound in March 2018. Called Oblivion Song, the new series is a sci-fi book and also features colors by Annalisa Leoni and letters by Rus Wooton. Newsarama has greedily sucked […]