Further Numbercrunching DC Comics And Marvel In September 2011

So the Diamond figures have come through. DC has grabbed the top spot in both volume and dollars spent on comics in September, for the first time in six years. But some have pointed out that despite the millions in publicity both spent and earned, as well as the natural sales bump from a first […]

Numbercrunching The New York Times Bestseller List For Comics

Through Diamond, in comic stores nationally, we know that Marvel dominates the shelves. DC has begun to close the gap between the two of late, but it is still rather large. But in bookstores it seems a little different. Take the New York Times bestseller list which helpfully provides top ten charts for comics, paperback […]

Numbercrunching DC June 2011 Solicitations

CB Cebulski, Marvel’s Senior VP Talent Manager just tweeted “Hey, new writers… looking to break in to comics? Judging by their new solicits, all you have to do is get a job as an editor at DC.” He’s wrong of course. What you actually have to do is be fired or encouraged to move on […]

NumberCrunching: CLiNT #6

Cost: 3.99. Cost per comics page: 5 1/2 pence. Old comic book pages: 59 – Twenty-four pages of Superior #1, twelve pages of American Jesus, twelve pages of Turf #4, eleven pages of The Pro. New comic book pages: 13 – Nine pages of Kick Ass 2 #2, four pages of Ian Rankin and Stephen […]