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Dark Horse Comics Issues Warning Over Frank Miller Nudity in Xerxes

Dark Horse Comics has decided to let readers know that Xerxes: The Fall of the House of Darius, the new series by Frank Miller, will contain nudity. And the retailer preview they sent out may not have included any of it. But the fact that they have to say this about a Frank Miller comic […]

They're Not Naked Superheroes, They're Wearing Strawberry Milk

Last year photography studio Aurum Light released a pinup calendar featuring women in states of undress with their modesty (barely) covered by milk, splashed over them and frozen in mid air. Coca-Cola's advertising agency paid to use the idea to promote Fairlife Milk, making the images a little more acceptable for mainstream America. This year, […]

Miracleman – Goodbye To Nipples, But Sideboob Is A-Okay

I remember looking at earlier printed of Marvelman – Warrior, Eclipse, English collection, French collection, and realised I was able to judge how well a version has been reproduced very quickly by whether you could see the edge of Liz Moran's nipple in one specific scene. I was a teenager, it was going to happen. […]

Frank Cho Banned From Facebook Over Topless Pterodactyl Picture

Okay, admittedly, it's not the Pterodactyl that's topless. But Frank Cho writes; I just got suspended for 3 days from Facebook AGAIN. My crime – posting a DRAWING of a topless woman holding onto a pterodactyl. Some asshole with a stick up his/her ass thought a DRAWING of a topless woman was too much for […]

Full Frontal Male Nudity In The Twelve SPOILERS

Warning, reading this post may spoil your enjoyment of The Twelve #10. It may also spoil your lunch. You have been warned. Chris Weston is an artist known for his attention to detail. A desire to draw every wrinkle, every hair, every pore, in string black and white contrast, while also clearly telling a story. […]

$2500 For A Hug From Neil Gaiman And Amanda Palmer. Possibly A Naked One.

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are launching a West Coast tour of An Evening With Neil Gaiman And Amanda Palmer, through Kickstarter. A dollar will get you a digital download of the performance which is possibly one of the better value Kickstarter projects I've come across. There are other items of greater value of course, […]

When Previews Suffers A Wardrobe Malfunction

Diamond Previews has a reputation amongst for publishers for erring on the prudish side when publishing their solicitations for comics and comics-related product. Which means it's much funnier when certain bits slip through the net. Such as this green nippleage on a variant cover for GG Studio's The Bodysnatchers #3. And in Previews UK, some […]

Lois Lane's Bottom Revealed In JLA #50

Ok, it may be a parallel Earth Lois Lane. And it may be one in which she is Superwoman, the last surviving Amazon – after she killed her brethren – working in her secret identity as a journalist. But another difference between the two is that this Lois Lane doesn't wear the pink underwear of […]