Yesterday's News Today: That Time George Perez Condemned DC Working Practices

Yesterday’s News Today: George Perez Speaks Out About Nu52 Superman Troubles

Here in the comics media, websites are constantly competing for clicks in the cutthroat click economy, always looking for that next big article to fuel the nonstop churn of the 24-hour comics news cycle. Here at Bleeding Cool, we certainly do our best, but we do like to recognize even our competitors when they innovate […]

PodCapers Podcast Parodies Flashpoint with a Musical

In what’s getting to be an annual tradition, home decor themed comics website A Place to Hang Your Cape is releasing another musical PodCapers podcast, this time parodying Flashpoint, the DC Comics super-mega-crossover event that kicked off the Nu52. Will the podcast kick off several years of a bastardized version of the podcast that everyone […]