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ABC's Deception: Magician Francis Menotti on Making Magic Look Real

It's mid-season series premiere time, and ABC is hoping it has a new trick up its sleeve (spoiler: probably won't be the last magic pun) in action/drama-series-with-a-twist Deception. From the creative minds of writer/executive producer Chris Fedak (Chuck) and executive producers Greg Berlanti, Martin Gero, and Sarah Schechter, Deception takes one of those righteously cool concepts […]

Swipe File: Now You See Me And Ocean's 12

With a little irony, this promo for a Vegas heist film is hemming pretty close to designs for the only one of Steven Soderbergh's Ocean's episodes that isn't a Vegas heist film.

Fingers Crossed For A Magical Morgan Freeman In Now You See Me

Riddle me this: what is more awesome than Morgan Freeman? How about Morgan Freeman playing an ex-stage magician who is shunned by the stage magician community for pulling a Penn & Teller* and telling people how illusions are performed? Now You See Me is the latest offering from Louis Leterrier (The Transporter, The Incredible Hulk), […]