The noblechairs HERO Series has Less Flair, but More Practicality

noblechairs’ HERO Series is a gaming chair with a bit less flair, but more practicality as it suits a wider range of body-types. The chair is designed to work well for anyone who tends to be on the broader or taller sides of life, which means it’s not ideal for my 5’0” self. That said, […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Which Weird Games Accessories Does Your Gamer Want?

Everyone loves having extra stuff to go with their hobbies; it’s why capitalism has continued to succeed despite being something of an unsustainable system. And no one knows that better than a gamer. So what will you get your gamer that they don’t already have? They’ve likely already got a nice headset, maybe even a […]

Noblechairs’ ICON Series Is 100% Cat-Approved

I got the chance to review one of noblechairs ICON Series game chairs, but it was my cat who loved it. It has become his chair, and all who sit in it become his property. My mother found that out a week or so back, and was not pleased about it, though I can’t imagine […]

Gaming Like A Bond Villain: We Review Noblechairs’ EPIC Series

Gaming chairs have become the must-own luxury item of anyone who does this for a living, or at least makes video gaming their passion beyond the 9-5. I personally haven’t had one in a few years, but my old chair was heaven to sit in, and have been in desperate need to get another proper […]