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The Story of Rose Tyler | The Women Who Lived | Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Rose Tyler – The Woman Who Saved the Doctor (VIDEO)

Promoting the book Doctor Who: The Women Who Lived, an illustrated history of the women of Doctor Who, the BBC is releasing narrated featurettes about the lives of the most important women in Doctor Who lore. The first highlighted – appropriately enough – Susan Foreman, the Doctor’s first companion and granddaughter. The second edition was released on […]

Gary Russell Finally Tells The Story Of Rose’s Red Bicycle In The 12 Doctors Of Christmas

It’s a line from the end of The Doctor Dances from Christopher Eccleston‘s time on Doctor Who, as written by Steven Moffat. Rose Tyler: You, beaming away like you’re Father Christmas! The Doctor: Who says I’m not, red-bicycle-when-you-were-twelve? Rose Tyler: What? When Russell T Davies got the greenlit to make Doctor Who, he commissioned his mentor […]

In One Week, In Two Weeks: The Ninth Doctor Is Looking For Group With No Mercy…

In one week’s time… the launch of Convergence #0, Witcher: Fox Children, My Little Pony: Fiendship Is Magic, No Mercy, Avengers Millenium, Avengers Ultron Forever, Empire Of The Dead Act Three, the 100,000+ selling Star Wars: Kanan, The Last Padawan, Sharazad, Space Riders, Ufology, CBLDF Defender, Looking For Group, Uncanny Season 2, Hoax Hunters, Rick & Morty, Poet […]

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Gets Retailer Custom Covers

Well it worked for Star Wars. Titan Comics is offering retailer-customised covers for the launch of Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1 by Calvin Scott and Blair Shedd. The Customizable Retailer Shared cover, using the concept right, with the name of your store. on the cover and your town/city/area on the street sign, as well as […]