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God Of War Takes Top Honors at 15th Annual BAFTA Games Awards

God Of War Takes Top Honors at 15th Annual BAFTA Games Awards

This week, BAFTA held their 15th annual Game Awards ceremony, as God Of War came out with another top honor while Red Dead Redemption 2 got snuffed. A lot of people were assuming RDR2 would take this one after failing to receive recognition in other major award ceremonies the past few months, especially with six […]

Nintendo Unveils the Full Set Of Accessories in the Nintendo Labo: VR Kit

This evening, Nintendo revealed all of the details of what will be included in the Nintendo Labo: VR Kit coming out for the Switch next month. There are some cool innovations they decided to put in here, ranging from a blaster to a camera. Hopefully, we’ll get a set to put together and review for […]

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From The Rumor Mill: Nintendo Working on a VR Unit for Switch

If you believe the latest rumors about Nintendo, it sounds like the company is preparing to dive into VR gaming with a unit of their own for the Switch. According to Nintendo World Report, they’re claiming their sources at Nintendo say the company has been working on VR for a while now and that an […]

Nyko Is Making a Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet in the Labo Style

It was only a matter of time before someone took the Labo idea for the Nintendo Switch and made their own versions for the console. Enter Nyko, who back at E3 introduced a number of products coming in the next calendar year. The one that has been catching everyone’s eye as of late is the PixelQuest Arcade […]

Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon to Groove with Nintendo Labo Instruments

In probably what will be one of the coolest and weirdest segments on The Tonight Show this year, the word is out that tonight’s episode will feature Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon playing several musical instruments that involve the Nintendo Labo set. The news first broke today on IGN, who announced that the instruments would be used in […]

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Nintendo Labo Fails to Set the World on Fire as God of War Tops UK Charts

Nintendo Labo has debuted in third in this week’s UK retail charts behind both Far Cry 5 and God of War. Nintendo Labo was always a novel idea. It’s an incredibly Nintendo product, putting cardboard peripherals in a box for players to construct is something that will undoubtedly appeal to the younger and family audience […]

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UPS Store Decided to Join in the Nintendo Labo Fun on Twitter

It’s always kind of fun to see companies interact with each other, especially on social media where sometimes you get the most unexpected surprises. Like the most recent interaction with The UPS Store and Nintendo on Twitter. Check out the tweet below that The UPS Store decided to create as they have their own kind […]

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Need Spare Parts for your Nintendo Labo? Templates are Now Available

  I will freely admit that the Nintendo Labo kits are beyond me. However, quite a few people are thrilled with the cardboard perhipherals for the Nintendo Switch. However, one problem with them is the lack of spare parts. However, the Labo blueprint patterns are now available online through Nintendo (for free, even), however the […]

Watch Bill Nye Play With The Nintendo Switch Labo Sets

For a specific group of people, Bill Nye is the end-all-be-all of fun science, much the same way Mr. Wizard was for the generation prior. So when you see the man jump into modern gaming tech like the Nintendo Switch and play with its systems, you know you’re getting a fun education. Today, as the […]

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Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for April 17-23, 2018

Spring has sprung, and as we enter into the warmer months of the year, we’re getting more video game releases with major titles and some surprises. Check out the entire list of what’s coming out this week below, choose your games wisely, and as always; have fun! April 17th BAFL – Brakes Are For Losers […]

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Nintendo Still Hasn’t Revealed Who Makes the Nintendo Labo

Nintendo may have announced the Labo weeks ago, but we still don’t know who is responsible for the cardboard contraptions that will be making your Switch slightly more edgy and a whole lot more recyclable. Kotaku reports the company is being unusually tight-lipped about the creative team or teams involved in the Nintendo Labo — which […]

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Nintendo Shows Off Their New & Cool Looking “Nintendo Labo” Products

Nintendo has just shown off a really cool and inexpensive way to create a ton of new products using nothing more than cardboard and rubber bands. The new product that they’ve been teasing all day was officially unveiled as Nintendo Labo, a series of cardboard punch-out toys that interact with the Nintendo Switch. As you […]