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Comics on Television – Dynamic Forces on the Shopping Channel Tonight

We ran a story about Nick Barrucci appears on the Shopping Channel for Dynamic Forces and having their exclusive copies of Action Comics #1000. And then we told you about it not happening because of snow storms.  The rescheduled program airs tonight at Midnight EST / 9 PM PST. For Action Comics #1000 they have renowned […]

Action Comics #1000

Mother Nature Freezes Out Dynamic Forces

On Friday we told you that Nick Barrucci of Dynamic Forces and Dynamite Entertainment was going to be hosting an hour of the Shopping Channel where you could get copies of Action Comics #1000 signed by Dan Jurgens and others collectibles. And that episode was set to air at Midnight tonight… Nevermind. Turns out the […]

Action Comics #1000

Dan Jurgens Signed Action Comics #1000 Offered Up on Live Television

Dynamite Entertainment and Dynamic Forces head honcho Nick Barrucci is headed back to the Shopping Channel with a slew of new products including Action Comics #1000 in time for Superman’s 80th anniversary and some limited edition and signed books tied into Marvel’s upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie. For Action Comics #1000 they have a DF […]

Dynamic Forces

Dynamic Forces Celebrates 25 Years by Going on the Shopping Channel Tonight

Dynamic Forces, the parent company of Dynamite Entertainment, is celebrating their 25th anniversary by going on TV tonight to sell comics. Nick Barrucci, the company’s founder and CEO, will be the host of the program starting at 11 p.m. EST time tonight on The Shopping Channel. Among the things being offered is what they call […]

Late Night Fun – When Grumpy Cat Met Nick Barrucci And Her Comics

Here we have a few fun pictures coming out of the Licensing Expo. Recently Dynamite Entertainment announced a deal to produce a comic based on the internet sensation Grumpy Cat. Well, Tardar Sauce (Grumpy Cat’s real name) was at the expo and got to meet with Dynamite president Nick Barrucci… and who can pass up a […]

Nick Barrucci Makes His Art Collection Available To You

Nick Barrucci, CEO of Dynamic Forces, is making some of his original art available for sale to comic fans.  Art from creators including Tom Raney, Mark Bagley, Scott Hanna, and Patrick Zircher. These pieces include pages from some of your books as The Outsiders, The Punisher, Uncanny X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man, The Order and Robin. And […]

Peter David Vs. Nick Barrucci Vs. Daniel Herman Over The Rights To Phantom

Hermes Press has just launched a new comic book featuring The Phantom, written by Peter David. Dynamite are also publishing comics featuring The Phantom with the new Kings crossover series launching in January. On his Facebook page while promoting his version of The Phantom, Peter David was asked, I’d ask how Hermes Press can have […]

Going All In – Nick Barrucci And Dynamite’s 10 Years Of Publishing

I have known Nick Barrucci for a maybe close to a decade. We met across a poker table at a game in Long Beach. So when he told me Dynamite was having it’s 10th anniversary, I figured I’d hit him up with for an interview and then threw some tough questions his way. And just […]

Quentin Tarantino Talks Django / Zorro At SDCC

The big news from Dynamite’s 10th Anniversary panel was as much about who was on the panel than anything else. Writer/Director Quentin Tarantino joined a panel that included writer/artist Matt Wagner, writer/editor Reginald Hudlin, CEO/Publisher Nick Barrucci and Senior Editor Joseph Rybandt who doesn’t have a slash in his job title. Of course the big […]

This Is A Twilight Zone #1 Spoiler – But Is That Nick Barrucci?

This is Nick Barrucci, the publisher of Dynamite Comics, publishers of The Twilight Zone #1 out today, written by J Michael Straczynski. It features the story of a man who changes his identity utterly. But what an identity to change to. That’s… Nick isn’t it? Or at least a younger, slightly slimmer version of him. […]

The Giant Interview For Li’l Dynamites

Waistcoat wearer and all around nice guy Tony Lee has been doing a few different peer-to-peer interviews with his fellow Dynamite Entertainment creators. Well, he got the mother-load assignment with his latest, interviewing just about everyone involved with the Li’l Dynamite five-week event starting off with the main man himself. TONY LEE: Nick, what made […]

The Weekend Where Everyone Apologised To Everyone Else Over Lady Rawhide

A few weeks ago, we ran the news that Dynamite were relaunching Lady Rawhide. A week or so later, the character’s co-creator Don McGregor found out, and wasn’t pleased. It all kicked off, rather. Mike Netzer joined in, addressing Dynamite publisher Nick Barrucci.   The cartoon at the top is offered freely to everyone to […]

The Tarzan And John Carter Comic Lawsuits – Four Thoughts

The Dynamite/Dynamic Forces response to the Edgar Rice Burroughs suit against them over the publication of Joh Carter and Tarzan comics has thrown up some interesting points. Bear in mind that I am not a lawyer and and my musings may make as much sense as those from a fish in a hat. But here […]

Yes, Britain, You Can Buy Lord Of The Jungle #2 Today

Just popped into Orbital Comics for my weekly stash. And yes, I noted that Lord Of The Jungle #2 was on sale. Last week, the family company founded by Edgar Rice Burroughs launched a law suit against Dynamite Entertainment over their publication of Warlord Of Mars, Dejah Thoris and Lord Of The Jungle comic books, […]