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Bad Boy of Comics Donny Cates Reveals Marvel Has Big Plans for Bats the Ghost Dog

Donny Cates Promises Thor Will Be “Real, Real Bad” in New Thor #1 Trailer

Marvel has released a trailer for Thor #1, the upcoming relaunch from global entertainment superstar and fashion icon Donny Cates and artist Nic Klein. In the trailer, Cates promises to break all of the gods in the Marvel Universe. “If you’ve read anything that I’ve ever done, you know that I like to dive deep […]

Donny Cates Takes Over Thor in 2020 with Nic Klein and Matt Wilson

Donny Cates Takes Over Thor in 2020 with Nic Klein and Matt Wilson

As all of New York Comic Con collectively gasped with pleasure, Marvel Comics announced that global entertainment superstar and fashion icon Donny Cates will take over as the new writer of Thor at the Next Big Thing panel. Cates’ dream has always been to write Venom and Thor, just as its been all of our […]

Deadpool #1 cover by Nic Klein

Deadpool #1 Review: Not as Bad as #300, but Far From Good

Deadpool is back to his mercenary ways and is during a contract on a superpowered biker when we join the Merc With a Mouth. His business is aided by the Negasonic Teenage Warhead, whom serves as the assistant and broker. Meanwhile, on the other side of the galaxy, a new threat arrives that will, somehow, […]

VS #2 cover by Esad Ribic

VS #2 Review: A Narrative and Visual Mess

Flynn returns to battle with a huge following, but another soldier on his team steals much of the spotlight from him. Upon his return from this fight, he finds that the world is more interested in the new soldier, and he loses sponsors. VS #2 picks up after another extended period of recovery for Flynn, […]

VS #1 cover by Esad Ribic and Nic Klein

VS #1 Review: A Vague Story Held Up by Ribic’s Phenomenal Artwork

War is fought for sport now. Though it’s still used to settle disputes, it’s now televised, monetized, and soldiers are now celebrities. The current war is between the Industrial Guard and the Legionaries. We focus on the Industrial Guardsman, Flynn, who is wounded in the first outing we see. We follow him through recovery to […]

Ivan Brandon And Nic Klein Team For New Image Series Drifter

The creators behind the Image series Viking, writer Ivan Brandon and artist Nic Klein have reunited for the dark and ominous-sounding sci-fi tale, Drifter. In Drifter, mankind has spread across the universe in a frantic rush to survive and has colonized and strip-mined countless planets in the process. Abram Pollux barely survives a crash landing […]

Orbiting Around Captain America – Celebrating Kirby, Waid, Brubaker, Latour And More

[audio:] Bleeding Cool welcomes back The Orbiting Pod, the podcast of Orbital Comics in London. They say: Welcome to another special episode of The Orbiting Pod! With the new movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier in cinemas worldwide, we’ve decided to spotlight some of Steve Rogers greatest stories from across the decades. We kick things […]

Review: Viking #2 By Ivan Brandon And Nic Klein For Image Comics

Viking #1 was a comic that took a number of people by surprise, an untested team on a new creator-owned book about vikings, in a market where even the sensational Northlander from Vertigo isn’t selling gangbusters. Oh and the comic is in a non-traditional format. The team and publisher took the bright, if pricey step […]