Is This What A Hydra Takeover Of Your Favorite Websites Will Look Like? [UPDATED]

Bleeding Cool reported back in March about Marvel’s plans to have “Hydra Takeovers” as part of its marketing strategy for Secret Empire in June. The promotion would include brick and mortar retailers, like comic book shops, as well as online websites. We don’t know what the Hydra Takeover will look like yet, but with Secret Empire […]

Dustin Weaver On Secret Wars Spinoff, The Infinity Gauntlet

Over at Newsarama, in an arranged interview with Marvel PR, Dustin Weaver has told them, With Edge of Spider-Verse #3 I did everything myself. I wrote, drew, and colored it. It was the first time, other than my webcomics, that I’ve done that. I liked it a lot, and I learned a lot in the […]

DC Comics And The Media – The Latest Twist

Lucas Siegel, editor of Newsarama ran a series of tweets today, I am baffled by how a major publisher, when asked for interviews, can say “No, we’re not letting that be covered until April”. Ridiculous. — Lucas Siegel (@LucasSiegel) March 3, 2014   “We’d really rather you not cover our products” seriously? I just.. insane. […]

Alex Segura, DC’s New Publicity Guy. And We’re Already Talking About Him

It’s been a pleasure to chat with Alex Segura for the last few years. Initially he was a “deadly rival” at Newsarama when I was at Comic Book Resources, but we chatted back and forth pleasantly enough. Then he went to work in publicity at DC Comics, so naturally he wasn’t allowed to speak to […]

DC Relaunch: Red Lanterns 1, Green Lantern Corps 1 and New Guardians 1 Covers

In an intriguingly timed stunt, DC have handed the three mkssing covers to Red Lanterns #1, Green Lantern Corps #1 and Green Lantern: The New Lanterns #1 to Newsarama, CBR and Comics Alliance respectively. So Bleeding Cool decided to nick them all and put them on one page. Say, aren’t Marvel meant to be announcing […]

Bleeding Cool Is The Most Influential Comics Blog In The World

No of course it isn’t. But for some reason, Technorati thinks it is. Bleeding Cool seems to alternate with Splashpage@MTV with an occasional appearance by CBR’s Robot6 for top spot on their blog-measuring system for the Comics category. Bleeding Cool is also the 12th in Entertainment and 106th out of all blogs and news sites […]