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Another Deep Dive Reference for House Of X

Another Deep-Dive Reference into Grant Morrison’s New X-Men in House Of X #2

Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool looked at a reference in House Of X #5 that replayed a classic scene from Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri’s Uncanny X-Men from the eighties. Well, a big thanks to Bleeding Cool reader Danny Devlin, who picked out another from House Of X #2, which took a scene from Grant […]

House of X, the Second Coming of Morrison's New X-Men? [X-ual Healing 7-26-19]

House of X, the Second Coming of Morrison’s New X-Men? [X-ual Healing 7-24-19]

So after a long wait, Marvel finally published House of X #1, the first issue of what’s set to be a multi-year X-Men run, with the entire line guided by Jonathan Hickman. And the response has been… well, why don’t you take a look for yourself. From Marvel’s website: Newsarama: “A towering achievement.” IGN: “Marvel […]

Astonishing X-Men Leads To Something Significant And New

As part of his now regular #XMenMonday’s, where X-Men editor Mark Paniccia takes the time to talk to fans on twitter and answer questions and tease the direction of X-Men in the ResurrXion line, Paniccia left a fairly big tease for something in the future of the mutant’s world.   When a fan asked Paniccia […]

How Fast Did New X-Men #115 Disappear Off eBay?

Negasonic Teenage Warhead is an X-Men character, also known as Ellie Phimister. Created by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely, as a telepathic precog, her first appearance was in New X-Men #115. Well, it has just been announced that actress Brianna Hildebrand will play her in the upcoming Deadpool movie. And all the copies of New X-Men #115 were […]

Finally, Brian Bendis Brings Us The Utopians

He promised them a while ago. We thought we saw signs but to no avail. They were meant to come in 2014 but no such luck. Last night, for Hanakuh, Brian Bendis posted the cover to All-New X-Men #40 by Andrea Sorrentino. Utopians!

Pretty Pictures On A Monday Morning – New X-Men To Superhero Cup Cakes

Monday morning/afternoon/evening/depending on your time zone. Let’s have a look at some pretty comic related pictures. Clay Mann posted the below on his Tumblr. And the internet went doolally. Especially considering the implicit Avengers Arena spoilers within. Brian Bendis reined it in, stating that he thought it was just a commission piece. Unless of course… […]

Grant Morrison’s New X-Men For 99 Cents An Issue On ComiXology

It’s already hit the UK and it will be washing over the East Coast in about four hours time… Marvel are putting Grant Morrison‘s New X-Men with Frank Quitely, Ethan Van Sciver, Igor Kordey, Marc Silvestri and more… every issue except, for some reason, the annual. That run still informs the current X-Men comic books […]