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What Will DC Comics Do With Their Issue 52s?

In January, the original New 52 launch titles from September 2011 will reach their issue 48s. Of the 52 that began that journey back in 2011, there are only 12 left. Justice League, Aquaman, Flash, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Action Comics, Superman, Batman, Detective Comics, Catwoman, Batgirl, Green Lantern. The other 40 were either cancelled […]

The New 52 And The Absence Of Joy

By Devon Sanders The DC Universe was a very dear place to me. Today, I finally figured out why I don’t enjoy DC Comics like I used to: It is simply a joyless, charmless place. As a kid, I was a fan of superheroes. I would buy whatever excited my eyes. Artist John Byrne could simply […]

The New 252 Of Spawn….

The front cover of Spawn #252 makes a rather funny joke…. As DC Comics say goodbye to it, Image Comics says hello… Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Currently holding an exhibit of the work of Declan Shalvey. And where, on Saturday, James Eatock will be signing Dark Horse Comics’ The Art of He-Man along with […]

DC Comics Talking To Gerry Conway About Rebooting Firestorm

Gerry Conway co-created Firestorm for DC Comics. Firestorm hasn’t exactly found his milieu in the DC Comics universe of late, both pre and post New 52 relaunch. So it looks as if the company may be considering going back to the original well. After talking about the issues regarding the ex gracia payments to creators for […]

Midnighter Just Had A One Night Stand With Warren Ellis

In today’s Convergence: Nightwing/Oracle #2, the backup preview features Midnighter, by Steve Orlando and ACO. And we open with the young, naked Midnighter in bed, grabbing his Batman underoos, amidst a pile of condoms. Is this the first condom appearance in DC’s standard superhero comic line? It’s been a while since that issue of Static that caused […]

As Starfire Gets More Clothes, Superman Gets Back In The Armour

In Convergence: The Question #2, instead of the promised Green Lantern: The Lost Army preview, we get Starfire from Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner and Emanuela Lupacchino. And a great six panel grid runaround her friends and enemies as the she tries to find a new place for herself here on Earth. So she needs to turn to an […]

Speculator Corner: Futures End #47 (SPOILERS UPDATE)

  Tomorrow sees the release of New 52: Futures End #47. And US retailers, who seem to have got copies yesterday, are getting rather excited. Because, we have run stories before about what was happening in this comic. And we seemed to provide some pretty strong proof along the way, if our sources were to […]

Today’s Dimensional Travel Guide To Marvel And DC

If you are planning a trip to another dimension, it’s always good to take some precautions. For example, take Earth Two in World’s End #23, it might be advisable to check whether or not it has been encapsulated by Apokalips and is in the process of being utterly destroyed. Dimensional travel sickness can cause distressing […]

As DC Comics Prepares To Leave New York, They Smash Up Their Own Offices

From today’s New 52: Futures End… as the series approaches its conclusion… 1700 Broadway is the offices of DC Comics in Manhattan. And right now it looks like it needs a Band-Aid. Next month, DC Comics says goodbye to those offices, moving to Burbank in Los Angeles. But on the way out, it appears they […]

Ch-Ch-Changes – Deadpool #250 To The Final Issue Of The New 52

A look at a few changes ‘twixt solicitations and publication from the Big Two for this week and weeks to come… Deadpool #45/#250 was solicited as written by Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, Ben Acker, Ben Blacker, Nick Giovanetti, Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas, Mike Drucker and more. That more will be Scott Aukerman. It was also solicited with […]

RUMOUR: Terry McGinnis To Die?

This was 2013. This was 2014. Will this be 2015? The current New 52: Futures End comic book from DC Comics, has enlisted the Batman Beyond cartoon and comic as the thirty-five years future of the New 52. With Terry McGinnis, the future Batman, send back in time by an elderly Bruce Wayne to stop the emergence of Brother Eye […]

Dara Naraghi’s Blue Devil And Spectre Pitches For The New 52 That Went Nowhere

Dara Naraghi of Lifelike and Persia Blues (NBM), has also woeked on Terminator and Ghostbusters comics from IDW and The Absurd Adventures of Archibald Aardvark from Image. But back in 2011, he was invited by Coordinating Editor Elisabeth Gehrlein to pitch a couple of ideas to DC Comics while they were going through the New 52 relaunch. He never got a response, but we thought it […]

Jeff Parker and Paul Pelletier Bring Atlanna To The New 52

One thing we haven’t seen yet in the New 52 is Aquaman’s mother, Atlanna. Well, with Aquaman #39 the creative team of Jeff Parker and Paul Pelletier will be doing just that and the image below show us just how she’s going to look. Kind of a bad-ass eh? Atlanna’s role in the comic has […]

Who Is Fifty Sue? Brother Eye Tells All In Today’s New 52: Futures End

New 52: Futures End has had a mysterious character, the young girl Fifty Sue with an impossible knowledge and godlike powers. And no clue as to who the hell she is. Well, in today’s issue, Brother Eye breaks it out. She is scientific experiment Subject 52. The subject of bonding 52 DNA strands together to […]

3 Reasons Why The Godhead Crossover Is A Must-Read For DC Fans

By Hilton Collins DC Comics’ “Godhead” mini-event began last week, a crossover that could have long-term ramifications for the cosmic corner of the publisher’s library, and perhaps the entire DC Universe. I say “mini-event” because it will only run through Green Lantern family titles and the Green Lantern/New Gods Godhead special issues. It pits the […]