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nerd block

Big Problems With Nerd Block: Chargebacks, Closed Sites, And Refunds

Nerd Block was one of the geek subscription box services that set up in the wake of Loot Crate’s success and was probably the most successful of the subsequent entrants to that market — at least initially. Set up in Whitby, Ontario by Russ Montague in 2013 and now known as Fanblocks, it was also the first to […]

21 Pulp Will Get A Comic Into The Top Twenty – Maybe With Nerd Block?

21 Pulp is a relatively new comic book company, publishers of Hero Hourly, Imposter, The Monsters Of Jimmy Crumb and Jetpack Jump. Their profile has been rising with each new series, but it may be about to take a jetpack jump of their own. I understand that the publisher has secured a place in a […]

Process Art For Comic Block’s Exclusive Red Sonja / Conan Cover

Here is the process art for Brent Peeples’ cover for the Comic Block exclusive Red Sonja / Conan #1 from Dynamite Entertainment and Dark Horse. This comic is included in the Comic Block shipping next week. For more information on how to get this cover, check out

Unboxing The Nerd Block Welcome Box

Nerd Block are issuing free Welcome Blocks to any of their new subscriptions. I’ve just been sent one, as part of a promotional drive, so let’s have an unboxing, and see what’s in the box? [youtube][/youtube]  

Box It Up: Wizard’s Unboxing, And A Nerd Block Comic Reveal…

A look through the month in comic book-related subscription boxes… [youtube][/youtube] That’s the Wizard World Presents Con In A Box… unboxing… Here’s how I looked afterwards. Visuals by Eve. Nerd Block will be getting an exclusive variant cover of Sonic: Worlds Unite: Battles #1 from Archie Comics at some point in th near future… …as […]

Box It Up: Secret Wars #1 Variant In The Zavvi Zbox

It’s clear that there are going to be a lot of Secret Wars #1 variants out there. Including in the monthly subscription boxes. Well, one of them by artist Pat Broderick is in this month’s ZBox from Zavvi... and part of their Marvel special… Where else? The Marvel Collectors Corps? Loot Crate? Nerd Block? There […]

Box It Up: Here Comes An Avengers Exclusive Shirt… And A Deadpool Variant?

Monthly subscription box Loot Crate is pushing an exclusive T-shirt for their Unite box in May, and suggesting with the name and the below visual that it might have something to do with the Avengers… Just a guess. Get an added discount with the BLEEDINGCOOL code if you want it. Nerd Block has launched a comcis-only-plus-a-t-shirt […]

Boxed Up: Marvel Gets Inside Everything It Seems

An irregular feature looking at the world of monthly subscription boxes… Wizard World has sold out of its first Comic Con Box and is starting a subscription, with this Secret Wars #1 black and white variant by Mike Doedato.. Bleeding Cool performed the world first unboxing of the Marvel Collectors Corps’ first monthly box. And it’s […]

Boxed Up – Loot Crate, Comic Bento, Nerd Block And ZBox

Monthly subscription boxes have been a real jolt in the arm for the comic book market. They don’t all come with comics – but some of them do. Here’s a semi-regaular look at what is coming your way from some of the bigger guys.. There’s 24 hours to sign up to the new Loot Crate, […]

Nerd Block To Contain A Twilight Zone Comic

Nerd Block is one of the groups that sends out a box of random goodies to their subscribers on a monthly basis that could have just about anything in it along a set theme. This group has overall themes like Nerd Block, which they call a comic con in a box, Arcade Block, Horror Block, […]

In September, Nerd Block Will Give You A Veneral Disease – UNBOXING

Here is the unboxing of one of the items, appearing in the next Nerd Block subscription packages…. [youtube][/youtube] Yes, a cuddly plush Crab Louse, though I understand that Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Syphilis are also being sent out in Nerd Blocks as well. They’re courtesy of which aims to educate people about good sexual health […]

Flipping Your LootCrate And NerdBlock In August

Subscripton collection boxes, they are all this rage! And this is what August’s LootCrate got you. An exclusive Groot Funko Pop, a TMNT toy, TMNT sunglasses and some other detritus. All for $20. But what if you were a mercenary soul and put it all on eBay? what then? Well the Groot sold for $117 on […]

Doctor Who #1 Comics In August’s Nerd Block

Nerd Block announced that there us a surprise Doctor Who package in this month’s subscription box, and used it to increase subscribers for the month. We reported that Titan Comics had orders of over 100,000 for each Doctor Who #1 comic, but even after all manner of jiggery pokery could only confirm 70,000 were sold […]

Swipe File: The Iron Sentinel

Marvel T-Shirt from the current Nerd Block block.   And from RIPT on The Shirt List… But of course, from the comics…   In Swipe File we present two or more images that resemble each other to some degree. They may be homages, parodies, ironic appropriations, coincidences or works of the lightbox. We trust you, […]

Looks Like Nerd Block Took 40,000 Of Amazing Spider-Man #1

Two days ago, Bleeding Cool ran the news that Loot Crate were telling comic book publishers that they were ordering 150,000-180,000 of a variant cover of Rocket Raccoon #1 to send in their monthly subscription blind boxes to fans across the US, which may go some way to explaining the 300,000+ pre orders that Marvel have […]