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“Neon Genesis Evangelion”: You Are (Not) Ready for This Friday

Neon Genesis Evangelion, one of the most important, ground breaking, and controversial series in the history of anime, will be resurrected this Friday on Netflix. If you’re too excited to cope with this announcement, you are (not) alone. The original Neon Genesis Evangelion ran on TV Tokyo from October 1995 to March 1996, and made […]

Evangelion: Why Gen Fukunaga Should Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Netflix

Gen Fukunaga knows a lot about anime, so his opinion about the fate of a show as influential as Neon Genesis Evangelion carries a ton of weight in the anime world. In 1994, Fukunaga founded Funimation and set a new bar for the rest of the anime import industry. Funimation does excellent work translating, dubbing, […]

Ultraman | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Neon Genesis Evangelion, New Ultraman Anime Coming to Netflix [TRAILERS]

On Monday night, Netflix announced its first slate of anime series for 2019, including two series that hold a special place in the hearts of fans. “Several years have passed since the events of Ultraman, with the legendary “Giant of Light” (光の巨人 Hikari no Kyojin) now a memory, as it is believed he returned home after fighting […]

Evangelion: You Can(not) Get Over It – LOOK! IT MOVES! By Adisakdi Tantimedh

Rebuild of Evangelion 3.33: You Can(not) Redo, the third movie in the rebooted Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series was finally released on US Blu-Ray and DVD after a delay of over three years after its original theatrical release in Japan. Rumour had it that creator and director Hideaki Anno spent all that time tinkering with […]