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David F. Walker Confirms Luke Cage's Cancellation Due to Poor Sales

Writer David F. Walker just confirmed that Marvel's Luke Cage title will be cancelled after February. We at Bleeding Cool were already speculating this due to its noticeable absence from the Marvel March 2018 solicits, and Walker just made it official on Twitter. Sad but true…LUKE CAGE (the comic book, not the TV series) has been cancelled. Issue #10 […]

Luke Cage #5 Review: A Powerful Finale For The First Arc

With Luke Cage #5, we reach the end of the first story arc of the unbreakable man's new series. Kevin Larsen just killed a bunch of Cyril Morgan's men, and Luke Cage must talk the boy down after this event. Meanwhile, Lenore and Noah Burstein are trying to take Warhawk to a place where they […]

Luke Cage

Luke Cage #4 Review: Truths Begin To Surface

With Doctor Noah Burstein, the man who gave young Carl Lucas his powers and transformed him into Luke Cage, the Power Man, revealed to be a live, questions Luke Cage has had about the doctor are beginning to bubble to the surface. Luke isn't sure he likes the answers. The Ninth Ward gang prepare for […]

Luke Cage #3 Review: The Burstein Mystery Takes A Turn

Frankie Corello has gone mad and killed his father. Now, in Luke Cage #3, he's turned his sights on Luke Cage and Warhawk. Even if Luke can survive the fight, there are a lot of things he still needs to figure out about the mystery of Dr. Noah Burstein's alleged suicide, and a lot of things aren't […]

Luke Cage #2 Review: Slow, A Little Confusing, But Stays Enjoyable

Continuing the New Orleans adventures of Marvel's greatest superhero is Luke Cage #2 by David F. Walker, Nelson Blake II, and Marcio Menyz. Having just been saved by the known-killer Warhawk, Luke Cage wakes up to find the villain offering his aid. Warhawk views Luke as something of a brother since they both went through […]

"Our World Isn't Free" – Bryan Hill Talks Romulus

This is the second time I've gotten a chance to interview Bryan Hill, writer and editor at Top Cow. The previous time is when he took over the full writing chores on Postal. Hill is a writer's writer. He has a great understanding of the craft and every decision he makes seems to have a […]