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"Blood On Lips" Clip From Neil Jordan's Amazing-Looking Byzantium

I saw an extended, exciting clip from Byzantium at Frightfest, featuring Gemma Arterton and a pretty good chunk of backstory. This clip, with co-stars Saoirse Ronan, Caleb Landry Jones, Kate Ashfield and Jeff Mash might give a lot less away, but still reveals one key plot point. And I don't mean that the film is […]

Very Striking Image From Neil Jordan's Vampire Thriller, Byzantium

Here's a beautiful still of Gemma Arterton in Byzantium, one of my most keenly anticipated films of the year. It comes from the Facebook page of West End films. I was prompted to go looking for it when Shock Til You Drop published a cropped version from West End's website. The film's director of photography […]

First Poster For Neil Jordan's Byzantium – Irresistible. Immoral. Immortal

Undoubtedly one of my most keenly anticipated pictures of the year, Neil Jordan's Byzantium sees him return to the Vampire genre, as well as the British sea front drama, which he has also excelled at. The script has been written by Jane Eyre and Tamara Drewe's Moira Buffini, based upon her own play, and as […]

Big Screen Version Of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book Is Moving Ahead

The last time we heard talk of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book coming to the big screen it was back in May 2010. At that time we learned that Chris Columbus' 1492 Pictures were teaming up with Korean company CJ Entertainment to produce the picture. That seemed to be at least the second go round […]