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Check Out The "Need For Speed Heat" Launch Trailer

Check Out The “Need For Speed Heat” Launch Trailer

Electronic Arts have revealed a new launch trailer for Need For Speed Heat as the game prepares to come out on November 8th. Developed by Ghost Games, the trailer was created using the Studio App, which allows you to create all sorts of changes and details to the cars you’ll use. Enjoy the trailer as […]

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Electronic Arts and Steve Aoki Launch Need for Speed No Limits Content

Some cool new content comes to Need For Speed No Limits as Electronic Arts and Steve Aoki have partnered up for some collaborative additions. A new update launched today with an immersive in-game event hosted by Aoki himself, where he will appear as an in-game character and challenge players to compete in a series of […]

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Need for Speed Payback is Getting Online Free Roam In 2018

Need for Speed Payback is getting online free roam added at some point in 2018. It caused a bit of a stir back in November when Need for Speed Payback launched without a free roam mode for online players. This meant that friends couldn’t mess around in the open world together, only able to do races […]

This Day in Pop Culture History

On This Day In Pop Culture For March 1

Welcome to This Day in Pop Culture History, a daily look at important events, birthdays, and other oddities in pop culture! History is important, and we aim to educate here at Bleeding Cool, so without further ado, here are some things that have happened on March 1: 1872- Yellowstone Park is made the first National Park. […]

There Is A New Need For Speed Coming Next Year

The reboot of Need for Speed last year was not quite the knock out success EA and Ghost Games would have hoped for. It didn’t seem to please too many critics and fan reaction was a little muted from what I saw. Regardless, EA are pushing on with the franchise. In a blog post, the […]

Need for Speed Patch Incoming That Will Address Feedback

Adam Cook writes for Bleeding Cool… Released to a lukewarm reception (at best), the Need for Speed reboot from Ghost Games is already on target to be patched, following feedback from the players. Over on the official blog for the game, Ghost Games has laid down some of what will be changed, which is scheduled […]

This Video Shows You The Insane Level Of Customisation In Need For Speed

Need for Speed is back this year after taking last holiday period off and things are looking pretty exciting. This certainly has a more Underground vibe than more recent entries and I’m fine by that. One of the things I feel got lost in the series was the ludicrous paint jobs and customization available, which […]

Need For Speed Delayed On PC Until 2016

Need for Speed is set to make a comeback this fall, after taking a break off last year. It’s resurrecting the more Underground tone too, which is sure to tickle a few people’s nostalgia receptors. I’m pretty excited about getting hands on the arcadey racer again, after the breather. If you were excited for the […]

There Are Five Ways To Play In This New Need For Speed Trailer

Need for Speed is making a roaring return this year with a reboot that is playing on the Underground vibes of yore. It looks pretty stellar, and I hope it plays as arcadey as ever. The FMV trappings are ludicrous, and I want to feel that stretched across the entire game. There will be some […]

Here Are Seventeen Cars You’ll Find In Need For Speed

The rebooted Need For Speed is out this November, which is kind of exicting. Seeing the series go back to it’s ‘Underground’ days should be a treat if done right. And here is something for you. Yesterday on on the Need for Speed twitter account, seventeen cars were revealed, showing just what you’ll be driving […]

Need For Speed Developer Explains Why The Game Is Always Online

The phrase “always online” has the ability to send some gamers reeling. Many consumers hate the idea of having to be connected to the internet at all times as it doesn’t mesh with those who only care about single player and don’t want internet problems to plague their experiences. That is why some might turn […]

Need For Speed Plays Up The FMV In Gamescom Trailer

After taking a year off in 2014, Need for Speed is back this year in a somewhat rebooted form. It seems to be taking a lot of cues from Need for Speed: Underground which is pretty inspired in my book. This series is at its best when it is being more outrageous. During EA’s Gamescom […]

Need For Speed Took Year Off Because Annual Release Are ‘Confusing’

Need for Speed took last year off for the first time in a while. Before that, it was a title you could expect to see each Christmas alongside Fifa, Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed. The franchise is returning this year though rebooted just as Need for Speed. But why take the year off at […]

EA Say They Don’t Know If There Will Be A Need For Speed In 2016

Need for Speed is back after taking a year off in 2014. The game has been partially rebooted too, returning the series back to a more Need for Speed: Underground vibe. But after this next one is out, what does that mean for 2016? Is the series about to get annualised once again? According to […]

Which Of These Cars Is Real, And Which Is In Need For Speed?

Photo realism isn’t very far off at this point. The graphics engines that people can work in now are insane and that dream of playing video games that are nearly indistinguishable from reality are getting clearer in sight. Case and point, look at these pictures made in the upcoming Need for Speed engine posted up on Speed […]

Need For Speed Will Require An Internet Connection At All Times

I think the term ‘always online’ has a bit of an unfair wrap. The term makes a lot of people recoil, either because it means forced multiplayer or that it’s a way for corporations to control your content. At the same time, I think it can be used quite artistically and functionally to improve a […]

Need For Speed Release Date Leaked By Xbox?

The Xbox website is having a hell of a week. First it bungled information regarding Halo: ODST in the Master Chief Collection. It seems that the website has now let out some key details regarding the release of EA’s Need for Speed reboot. As screen grabbed by reddit (via IGN) before it was taken down, […]

Need For Speed Gets A Reboot Bringing The Series Back To Basics

So remember that Need for Speed game that was getting announced, today? Well, it’s a reboot of the series. The game, which is just titled Need for Speed, has been officially revealed, showing that the franchise is planning to go back to its more outlandish days and channel a little Need for Speed: Underground. In an interview […]