Necrosphere Deluxe

Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for January 29-February 4, 2019

We’re getting back in the grove as we exit January and enter February, with more video game releases popping up from both major studios and indie companies. Aside from a couple really major titles you’ve been waiting on forever, a lot of what’s here is indie titles you might dig. Check out the entire list […]

Metroidvania “Necrosphere Deluxe” will hit PS4, Vita, and Switch

Necrosphere Deluxe is the upcoming retro adventure-platformer with minimalist controls by Sony publishing label UNITES and indie studio Cat Nigiri. The simple but deadly game will land on the PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch platforms at the end of this month while the Xbox One release will come later this year. The game’s official […]