NECA Gives Us a Taste of the Upcoming Alpha Predator Figure

NECA Gives Us a Taste of the Upcoming Alpha Predator Figure

NECA has been teasing us since their 5 Days of Downloads this past holiday season. That is when we got our most recent look at the long awaited Alpha Predator fro their Predator line of figures. This figure is supposed to be their 100th Predator Figured released in the line which is an accomplishment on its own. […]

NECA Releases a Flasher with New “Gremlins” Figure Series

NECA Releases a Flasher with New “Gremlins” Figure Series

Gremlins is one of my favorite Christmas movies. I mean it takes place over Christmas and hell if Die Hard can be a Christmas movie then so can’t this one. NECA is pretty much dominating horror pop culture collectibles and Gremlins lies under that realm. So it is no surprise that we are getting a new figure but […]

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Let’s Take a Look at Lanard Toys New Alien Figures

Lanard Toys shocked everyone a couple months ago, revealing that they would be producing a line of figures from the world of Alien. And not just a couple, this is a new full-fledged line of toys. Xenomorphs, Colonial Marines, tanks, a Power Loader, and even an Alien Queen will all be available. Even better, these […]

TMNT NECA Reveals Galore: New Two-Packs, 1990 Film Figure Packaging

TMNT NECA Reveals: New Two-Packs, 1990 Film Figure Packaging

TMNT NECA collectors got a couple treats today. They have officially revealed that the third wave of animated figure two-packs will be hitting Target exclusively in the spring. Leatherhead/Slash, April/Bashed Foot Clan Soldier, and Casey Jones/Sliced Foot Clan Soldier will make up that third wave. These TMNT sets are loaded with accessories, including more not […]

NECA Gives Us Visual Guides with 5 Days of Downloads

NECA Gives Us Visual Guides with Their 5 Days of Downloads

NECA has given us so many great figures this year and they are making sure we don’t forget as they release their 5 Days of Downloads of the holidays. Each day NECA released a visual guide for a set of their iconic figures. First, we already showed you the Predator figure visual guide already but […]

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Predator Builds His Ranks with Two New Figures from NECA [Teaser]

Predator collectibles are not slowing down and I can’t complain about it. Predator is such an amazing character to create and display. One of the best figures out there is from NECA’s line. They have created so many different versions of this iconic character over there years you think it is not possible to create […]

Toony Terrors Wave 3 From NECA Includes Ash, The Nun, and Nosferatu

Toony Terrors Wave 3 From NECA Includes Ash, The Nun, and Nosferatu

Toony Terrors are one of my favorite lines of figures right now. NECA has knocked the first two waves out of the park, featuring Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, both versions of Pennywise, Pinhead, Leatherface, Michael Myers, Chucky, and Tiffany. Each stylized figure is an exaggerated version, almost looking like a Scooby-Doo style version. I love […]

NECA's They Live 2 Pack Final Packaging Shots Revealed

‘They Live’ NECA 2 Pack Final Packaging Shots Revealed

NECA have revealed the final packaging shots for their upcoming two pack of figures from They Live. The John Carpenter classic is being honored with two retro style clothed action figures. Each will come with their wristwatches, a tv, magazine, newspaper, and a necklace. Check the box and figures out below. Consume! Obey! A truly […]

NECA brings "The Creepshow" Alive with New Figure

NECA brings “The Creepshow” Alive with New Figure

Creepshow has always been an interesting show for horror fans. And with the new series on Shudder, There’s no surprise new collectibles are coming out of it. NECA has announced that the newest remake version of the creeper will be getting the 7-inch scale action figure treatment. This figure is based on the newest retelling of […]

New NECA “IT: Chapter Two” Pennywise Will Have You Float Too  

New NECA “IT: Chapter Two” Pennywise Will Have You Float Too

IT: Chapter Two has already had its time in the spotlight and it seems that it has faded out of the media. But we’re bringing it back as NECA has announced a new Pennywise Ultimate figure. This figure should fill all of your Pennywise needs as is packed with a lot of detail and highly articulated. […]

Aliens Expanded Universe Returns with Ultimate Alien Rhino from NECA

“Aliens” Expanded Universe Returns With Ultimate Alien Rhino From NECA

Aliens is another classic science fiction film that has greatly impacted pop culture. The first two really captivated audiences, and well, the third one didn’t really sit well with a lot of fans. However, we were introduced to the quite unique and iconic Aliens Kenner figures. Some of these included a vast variety of animal […]

Robocop Is Coming Home with Us Dead or Alive from NECA

Robocop Is Coming Home With Us Dead Or Alive From NECA

Robocop is one of those cult classic iconic movies. He is on par with the Terminator and Judge Dredd. All three have significance in the 80s and a major impact on science fiction films. Hiya Toys bring us back to 1990 with our RoboCop 2 RoboCop figure. He does come with two accessories one being a hand with the data probe […]

Chucky and Tiffany Tooney Terrors Final Product Revealed from NECA

Chucky and Tiffany Toony Terrors Final Product Revealed from NECA

Chucky is probably one of the most recent iconic horror Icons to get a recent release, besides Pennywise. I am glad we have companies like NECA that are around that still keep the horror collectibles franchise alive. Horror collectibles are definitely an untouched market, with a lot of great ideas out there but not a […]

Loot Crate Bought By NECA, Changes Name to The Loot Company

Loot Crate Bought By NECA, Changes Name to The Loot Company

Bleeding Cool has been covering the bankruptcy of Loot Crate, the monthly subscription geek create that ruled the roost but whose recent days have been plagued with disappointment. It spawned many competitors, even a few that are still surviving. But as their competition went bust or ceased business, the market leader Loot Crate seemed to […]

Bring home the life-size murder clown Pennywise by NECA 

Pennywise Comes Home with New Life-Size Replica by NECA 

Pennywise is making his rounds lately as IT Chapter 2 enters theaters this past weekend and I know I loved it. I feel like horror fans don’t get a lot of justice for collecting. Funko does have a semi-large line of Horror figures but NECA is what really shines for horror. They have a massive […]

NECA Reveals NYCC Pre-Sale Details for Joker/ Predator Two-Packs

NECA Reveals NYCC Pre-Sale Details for Joker/ Predator Two-Packs

NECA has officially released details regarding their upcoming NYCC Exclusive Online drops. With 2 two-pack figures dropping this year. We get the Joker Alien with Batman and then the Sinestro Predator with Green Lantern, I know I am looking forward to this drop to snag them both up. For starters, you can only get both […]

Joker Xenomorph Becomes a NYCC 2019 Exclusive from NECA

NECA Joker Xenomorph Becomes NYCC 2019 Exclusive [PREVIEW]

The Joker joins the ranks of the Xenomorphs from Alien! With the recent reveal of the Sinestro Predator and Green Lantern New York Comic Con (NYCC) two-pack set, I wanted to go back and show off the official images of the Joker Alien and Batman two-pack that releases with it. This is also an NYCC […]

The Predator is a Yellow Lantern in the NYCC Exclusive from NECA

Predator as a Yellow Lantern is probably the coolest and most badass thing ever. Based on the 2008 Dark Horse/ DC collaboration Green Lantern story. This NECA two-pack will release alongside the Alien/ Batman and will be an NYCC Exclusive. It comes jam-packed with a nice assortment of accessories and even includes a head swap […]

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BC Toy Spotting: Marvel Legends, Transfomers, WWE, Funko, and More!

Welcome to the latest edition of BC Toy Spotting! We are in and out of stores pretty much every day, and we figure (ha!) why not show all of our fellow collectors what we are coming across on pegs and shelves. As collectors, we know that staying on top of what is in stores can […]