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Thor Review: Let’s Talk Details

If you’re anxious about reading a review and learning too much about this film but still want to know whether the cinema ticket’s worth your hard-earned money here’s a summary: Thor is a brilliant, epic, and often very funny superhero movie that is very much worth your while. It’s so huge in scope that the […]

Your Highness, Ed’s Review, My Pleasure

Ed Whitfield writes for Bleeding Cool: David Gordon Green, the director of Pineapple Express, has reunited that film’s James Franco and Danny McBride for this fantasy take on their stoner shtick. Set in the kind of magic kingdom where Uncle Walt would touch children rather than entertain them, it’s an unashamedly puerile take on the Arthurian […]

Open The Bifröst! New Thor Footage Hits Earth

We’ll get to see Natalie Portman, Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins in Thor in 36 days, according to the counter on In the meantime, check out this scene from early in the flick:

Thor Gets Some British Posters

British posters for Kenneth Branagh’s Thor? That’s outrageous. He’s Norse. Norse, I tell you. Whatever next – Black folks in Asgard? Oh, good. Panic over. See Thor in the second poster there? Seems that he’s having his own version of the Nuremberg rally. All is well in the world again. Thanks, Empire. (Pun intended)

New Thor Trailer Tries A New Angle

I almost wanted the headline to this story to be: Ano-Thor Thor Trail-Thor For Thor-sday Night But then I got over myself. This latest trailer for Thor starts on the “cute earthlings find beefy alien” angle, then quickly moves into “cute earthlings find beefy alien charming”, and then into “the alien seems to come from […]

Trailer For Don Roos’ The Other Woman With Natalie Portman

Yesterday, the poster; today, the trailer. The Other Woman hits IFC VOD on Friday then will play in US cinemas (What? Five cinemas? Ten?) in February. So, there we go – we learn that Natalie Portman is engaged and pregnant and then we get a trailer for a film in which she loses a child […]

Poster For Don Roos And Natalie Portman’s The Other Woman

Next year will be the year of Natalie Portman – a husband, a baby, most likely an Oscar, Thor, No Strings Attached, Your Highness, Hesher and The Other Woman, formerly Love and Other Impossible Pursuits*. Here’s the newly unveiled poster for that last one, as premiered at Vulture. *Okay, the film will be first available […]