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“Bond”: “No Time to Die” Teaser Promotes Wednesday Trailer

"Bond": "No Time to Die" Teaser Promotes Wednesday Trailer

MGM revealed a quick first look at Daniel Craig's final turn as James Bond in the 25th film of the franchise No Time to Die. The teaser offered some quick cuts of Craig, Naomie Harris, Ana de Armas, and Bond's latest Aston Martin. The vehicle fitted with interchangeable headlights to miniguns. After the series of […]

Bond's Two New Girls Each Get Their Own Videoblog Episodes

Naomie Harris and Berenice Marlohe each feature in their own little video from the Skyfall marketing team. Harris' video portrays her as Eve, which continues to confuse the whole Moneypenny issue. Still, she gets to fire a lot of guns and I know that there will be people out there excited by this because videos […]

Skyfall Snoops Uncover New Bond Details And Some Secrets

Somehow, the internet is now being graced by some call sheets from the set of new James Bond picture, Skyfall. Amongst the brief scene descriptions given there are several new details about the film's plot, and the revelation of one big secret: the name of Javier Bardem's villain. In case you don't want to know, […]

New James Bond Movie Seems To Have Its Name And Story

What you can hear ringing in the background are the alarm bells of my cynicism, but let's play Benefit of the Doubt for a moment. Jelena Mihailovic is a Serbian cellist and, apparently, she performed in front of Sam Mendes and some James Bond "producers" at Cannes. So "staggered" were they by what she was […]

James Bond Gets His New Moneypenny, A Villain And… Some Other Bloke

The mystery of who Naomie Harris will (most probably) be playing in Sam Mendes' upcoming Bond 23 has been solved, and it seems she will be taking up the role of Miss Jane Moneypenny. Bond fans* will know that Moneypenny is the secretary to M and an officer in the Navy and, in previous films […]

Review: The First Grader

Ed Whitfield writes for Bleeding Cool: As an imperialist I'm often asked the question, 'Ed, don't you feel guilty about being an apologist for crimes against humanity, degrading and inhuman treatment, and the rape and exploitation of indigenous peoples by those acting in your name?' to which I tend to reply, 'it's always a half […]

Naomie Harris To Join Ron Howard's The Dark Tower?

Kate Atherton writes for Bleeding Cool: The Dark Tower is a peculiar beast. Stephen King's much-loved and well-read tale of a Gunslinger's quest has filled seven novels. There will be others. It is now to form the basis of alternating films and TV series with Ron Howard at the helm of the trilogy of movies. […]