“Nancy Drew”: Nancy’s Reputation Precedes Her in 3 New Teasers [PREVIEW]

With Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage’s Fake Empire, and CBS TV Studios’ new take on Nancy Drew set to follow the team from Riverdale on The CW‘s Wednesday nights beginning October 9, fans are learning a little more about the mysteries that surround Horseshoe Bay, Maine. When a current murder shows possible supernatural connections to the town’s dark […]

Stranger Things Season 2 Review- A Rare Sequel That Lives Up To The Hype

The first season of Stranger Things snuck up on people. I remember being at SDCC last summer and a few people talking about this Netflix show they had just watched and how great it was. I will always regret not attending their panel that year. I came home and watched the show in one night, […]

And Now America’s Typical Teenage Girl Is Gay, Thanks To Archie Comics

Okay, so this is from Afterlife With Archie #2. It’s a big zombie attack, it’s for teenage readers, it’s separated from the main Archie titles. You’re not going to find Ethel turning up in the main Archie Comics as a thrice dead corpse. But, as for Ginger and Nancy…. Once you reveal that they are […]

Detective Comics 27 May Fund Defence Of The Accused Killer Of Its Owner

In 2009, Batman collector and multimillionaire Ben Novack Jr, was tortured and murdered three months after his mother was killed. And now his copy of Detective Comics #27 and much more may be put up for auction with Heritage Auction Galleries, to liquidate the collection, valued up to $800,000.  But now there are moves by […]