Popular "Super Mario 64" Mod Gets A Split-Screen Addition

“Super Mario 64” Modder Adds A Split-Screen Version

A popular modder has created a new addition to Super Mario 64 that will not only let you do co-op but adds in a split-screen. Kaze Emanuar has created a few mods for the game over the years that have gained popularity with retro players. He’s even built levels off of the original assets for […]

Someone Discovered An N64 Prototype Controller

Someone Discovered An N64 Prototype Controller

For all of the years we’ve had game consoles in our homes, many agree one of the worst controllers ever created was the N64 controller by Nintendo. Some find it to be a thing of beauty, but for those of us who wrecked our thumbs on the thumbstick and had to deal with the Z-Button […]

Review: EON's Super 64 HDMI Adapter For The N64

Review: EON’s Super 64 HDMI Adapter For The N64

For those who still own a physical Nintendo 64, working with a modern-day HDTV can be a pain when trying to play some retro titles. Sure, there are wiring options for the old-school into the new-school, but anyone (like myself) who has dealt with that nightmare on older consoles would love an alternative. Lucky for […]

Someone Has Released Previously Unseen Earthound 64 Footage

Someone Has Released Previously Unseen Earthbound 64 Footage

Oh, Earthbound 64! One of the greatest “what if” stories of ’90s video gaming as Nintendo supposedly dropped the ball on a potential hit. If you’re not familiar with the story, Earthbound 64 was pitched by Mother series creator Shigesato Itoi as a sort of one-off game for the Nintendo 64, using the same familiar […]

Plans Hit Social Media For Conker’s Bad Fur Day's Canceled Sequel

Plans Hit Social Media For Conker’s Bad Fur Day’s Canceled Sequel

Have you ever wondered what a sequel to Conker’s Bad Fur Day might look like? Wonder no longer as details for the canceled game have surfaced on Twitter. Chris Seaver, the former project lead of Conker’s Bad Fur Day, took to social media over the weekend to show off what could have been in a […]

Nintendo Will Not Be Making an N64 Mini, For Now

With the holidays approaching. many of us assumed we might see an announcement for an N64 Classic Edition from Nintendo as we did the NES and SNES. Sadly, that has not come to pass, and even more sadly, we got word it’s not in the works at all. Kotaku chatted with NOA’s president Reggie Fils-Aime about a […]

From The Rumor Mill: Did Someone Leak the N64 Classic Design?

If you believe the latest rumor of sorts from Reddit this weekend, it appears someone may have leaked the possible design of the N64 Classic Edition. A user named Nacho & Pistacho posted what appears to be a look at the mini version that the company has been rumored to be working on, which they claim came […]

Decades Later, Goldeneye Devs Admit Using Oddjob is Cheating

Did you ever yell at one of your friends on the couch for using Oddjob in Goldeneye multiplayer on the N64 because he was too short to hit? Everyone loved to scream about how using the character was a cheat in the game, despite the fact that the developers put him in there as an unlockable character. […]

Nintendo’s Latest Trademark Points to a Mini N64 Release

If you were to tell me that Nintendo was planning to release an N64 Classic Edition this year, I’d probably respond with a resounding “duh!” But the latest trademark filed by the company pretty much confirms that not only is it on the way, they’re pre-planning the release as we speak. According to Japanese Nintendo, […]

The First Two Turok Games Headed To Xbox One

Oh, Turok! You were Halo before Halo was a thing. We say that because, in the lexicon of N64 multiplayer games, no title brought you more anguish than Turok when you lost. The single player campaign was fun and interesting, but multiplayer made you hate your friends. If Goldeneye was the golden standard at the […]

Someone Made A First-Person Super Mario 64 Hack

For those of you looking for a new way to play Super Mario 64 and give yourself a challenge, look no further than this first-person hack of the iconic N64 title. The video below from YouTuber Kaze Emanuar shows off a few levels of the game in the hack, which essentially puts a camera right on Mario’s field-of-vision. […]

A Hyperkin Employee Leaked a Portable N64 Prototype

Originally posted by Nintendo Life, an employee of Hyperkin just leaked a cool little device that I’m sure a lot of ’90s kids would like to get their hands on. Below are a couple photos an employee of the company showed off on his Facebook page of a prototype model of a portable N64 controller/console. […]


Retro Fighters Looking To Make A Modern N64 Controller

Retro Fighters is a funky little company that wants to bring a modern gaming twist to retro consoles. The primary item they made was a modern controller for the original Nintendo Entertainment System, which looks rad and has been pretty successful for them. Now they’re looking to tackle another controller, and this one is in […]

Got An Old N64 Laying Around? Well You Can Turn It Into A Switch Dock

If you don’t want to sit around playing the original Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart in all their 64-bit glory, that classic N64 console is just taking up space. One intrepid Youtuber with an N64 and a crazy idea managed to put his old console to use for his brand new Nintendo Switch, by turning the N64 […]

Classic N64 Game Goldeneye Gets Honest Trailer

Like many things, how we remember something is often better than how it really was. Take the Goldeneye video game from the 90s. I remember it being one of my favorites. Probably one of the best franchise adaptations of it’s day… now it looks like Pong compared to the games like Batman: Arkham Knight and Fallout […]