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Where In The World Is DC YOU’s Mystic U?

It was announced as one of the DC YOU titles to launch in June, written by Alisa Kwitney with an artist as yet unallocated. It was one of the two titles announced still unseen. Dark Universe saw its creative team of James Tynion IV and Ming Doyle leave the book, with no news about the […]

DC’s Dark Universe And Mystic U Delayed To Later In 2015

In June, DC Comics is running it’s mini-relaunch, as their titles get “batgirled” in an attempt to find and serve new audiences A couple of them slipped a month, new series Cyborg by David Walker and Ivan Reis and returning series Justice League United coming out in July. But I am told that two of their […]

Dan DiDio Just Answered My Questions On Prez, Doomed, Mystic U And Section 8

So I write this recently. About how there were four books from the June mini-relaunch that I was really excited about, but seemed not to be lighting the fanbase on fire. Prez, Doomed, Mystic U and Section 8. So, since I was watching the InStore Comic Convention Kickoff, and Dan DiDio was on the screen, […]